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Bridging two worlds
Written on the desk of Sidney Shapiro is the Italian phrase "traduttore e tradittore" - "the translator is a traitor". For this US-born translator of some of China's most important literary classics, it would be more accurate to say: "The translator is the story".
Zhang Hanzhi, legendary diplomat and Mao's English tutor
It must have been beyond her imagination that this baby girl would grow into a legendary diplomat decades later when the beautiful Shanghai shop assistant and her businessman husband decided to give up the illegitimate child for adoption in 1935.
Change of art
Liesbeth Coppens is in her second year in Shanghai sharing her expertise in contemporary Chinese art. Not only does the 1.8 m tall blonde Belgian literally stand out from the crowd, she is also the only foreigner among 39 locals working at Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.
India gives Indologist Ji Xianlin top award
The Chinese are busy boning up on English, but few know that many English words have roots in the language of their neighbor India.
'Daughter of Dunhuang' carves out a career
Fan Jinshi operates on a different time scale - she does not have much to do with the modern-day hustle and bustle.
Having a blast with the past
Ask Helen Lai for an explanation of the relationship between ancient scripts and contemporary writing.
Capturing China's past for the future
While many young contemporary Chinese artists are eager to display their individualistic styles, veteran Xu Chunzhong has a very different view. He is painting the nation's history.
Snapshot of jubilant movie mogul
Looking back on 2007, Wang Zhongjun said that he felt extremely happy. China has witnessed flourishing development during the past seven years. "Fortunately, Huayi Brothers seized their chance," said Wang, the group's president, contently.
Return of the godfather
When Jiang Wen breezes into the room with bottles of water and boxes of chocolate under his arms, the cameras start clicking. Jiang, one of China's top filmmakers, is accompanied by his 14-year-old daughter.
Fashion across borders
Shuttling between China and Japan, Chen Chen gradually realized how little the younger generation in Japan knew about its Chinese counterparts. His impulse to promote cultural communication has now evolved into a super model contest.
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