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Digs, Discoveries & Developments
New dinosaur species identified in Zhejiang
Smallest pterosaur fossil found in China
Ancient skull fills blank for evolutionary theory
100,000-year-old human skull found
Australia returns illegally imported fossils to China
Sunken merchant boat raised from the sea
Mammoth skull fossil discovered in NE China
China renews salvage of 800-year-old ship
Ancient bamboo slips reveal tomb owner's identity
Female skeleton found in 2,200-year-old tomb in Hubei
Farmers caught with contraband porcelain
Archaeologists excavate shell mound site in Guangxi
Zhejiang unearths remains of 'oldest kingdom'
Remains of ancient city discovered in east China
Tomb excavation scheduled for Warring States chariot chamber
Treasures could be lost due to funding issues
Chinese archaeologists set to open ancient coffin
Ancient frescos found in Shaanxi Province
Police expert restores image of prehistoric man
New human fossil find rewrites China's history
290 ancient tombs found in Beijing
Palace unearthed in downtown Nanjing
Seal of ancient king made public
Aliens or ancestors? The mysteries of ancient Sichuan
5 guesses on Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb
Archeologist claims legendary Qin palace didn't exist
Celadon porcelains unearthed in Jiangxi
Jingdezhen porcelain factory site opens to the public
Mysterious ancient castles discovered in Hunan
Ancient Qin Dynasty road discovered in Hunan
Erenhot excavation reveals dinosaur fossil belt
Archeologists suggest tomb is last Qin emperor's
Male mummy found in Xinjiang
1,700-year-old Han Style Tombs Discovered in Xinjiang
Prehistoric Cave Found in South Anhui
Work Begins to Bring Ancient Ship Back to Port
Tooth Fossil of Mammals 160 Million Years Ago Discovered in NW China
Exploration of the Nanhai No.1
1.5 Tons of Ancient Coins Discovered in North China
Ancient Screen Wall Unearthed in North China
New Dinosaur Discovered in E. China
Ming Dynasty Castle Discovered in S.China
Archeologists Find Houses Built 9,000 Years Ago
2,500-year-old Textiles Discovered by Chinese Archaeologists
2.5-million-year-old Glacial Relics Discovered in Beijing Suburbs
Striking Gold
Over 300 Ancient Porcelain Objects Recovered from Sunken Ship
Ancient Tomb Found in Downtown Guangzhou
Scientists Discover Asia's Heaviest Dinosaur
Ancient Tomb Contains Rare Skeletons
Mystery Coffins Opened in 2,500-year-old Tomb in E. China
Mysterious Building in Chinese First Emperor's Tomb
Pandas Had Bamboo Stick to Beat Predators
Gigantic Bird-like Dinosaur Found in Inner Mongolia
Earliest Tomb Figures Found in Shaanxi
Experts Divided on Function of Archaeological Find
Nanhai I Relics 'Not Been Sold'
Cliff Carvings May Rewrite History of Chinese Characters
Salvage Begins on Sunken Ship off South China Coast
Chinese Archaeologists Discover Ancient Ceramics off Xisha Islands
Undersea Excavation Reveals Bounteous Booty
'Steel Box' Sails Out to Salvage Ancient Treasure Ship
Stone Age Site Yields Evidence of Advanced Culture
41 Tombs of Qing Dynasty Unearthed in Hebei
40 Rare Coffins Unearthed in Jiangxi
Marine Fossil Found in Yuntai Mountain
Ancient Tombs in N. China Recall Past Glories
Chinese Waterway Snakes Through Underground History
Archaeologists Excavate Past Glories from North China Tombs
Discovery of Microfossils Puts Genesis of Animals 50 Mln Years Earlier
3000 Year-old Jinsha Coming to Life
Bones of Contention
Chinese Paleontologists Unveil Key Skeletal Find
Dragon Tales
Shenzhen's Only Historical Site Under State Protection
Fossils Fuel Thrills at the Museum
New Sensations from Ancient Wonders
46 Ancient Tombs Discovered in Hebei
800-year-old Tomb Discovered in Sichuan
Light Shed on Mysteries of Ancient Life
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