· The National Museum of China
· The Palace Museum
· The Capital Museum
· The Ethnic Museum
· Chinese Ethnic Museum in Beijing
· The Exhibition Hall of Ethnic Cultural Palace
· Changping Museum
· Miyun Museum
· Tongzhou Museum
· Mentougou Museum
· National Art Museum of China
· National Arts and Crafts Museum
· Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum
· Beijing Art Museum
· Beijing Museum of Traditional Opera
· The Yan-Huang Art Gallery
· Beijing World Art Museum
· Poly Art Museum
· Beijing Jintai Art Museum
· China Red Sandalwood Museum
· The Imperial City Art Museum
· Beijing Red Mansion Culture and Art Museum
· Guangfu Classic Art Museum
· Laojia Art Gallery
· Beijing Cui Yongping Art Museum of Leather-Silhouette Show
· Museum of Ethnic Costumes in Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
· The Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts
· Museum of Beijing Stone Inscription Art
· Stone-Carved Scriptures Exhibition Hall
· The He Yang & Wu Qian Modern Art Gallery
· Wan Fung Art Gallery
· Beijing Mumingtang Ancient Porcelain Museum
· Songtangzhai Folk Carving Museum
· China Science & Technology Museum
· Beijing Museum of Natural History
· Beijing Museum of Aeronautic and Astronautic Models
· Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking University
· The Tank Museum
· China Palaeozoological Hall
· China Display Hall of Quaternary Glacier Relics
· Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum
· Beijing Yushengtang Herbal Medicine Museum
· Beijing Planetarium
· Exhibition Hall of Ancient Astronomical Instruments
· Geological Museum of China
· China Museum of Telecommunications
· China Printing Museum
· Beijing University Geological Exhibition Hall
· The China Aviation Museum
· Beijing Aviation Museum
· Beijing David's Deer Park Museum
· The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao
· Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall
· Memorial Museum of Guo Shoujing
· Ancestral Temple for Wen Tianxiang
· Nalan Xingde Memorial Hall at Shangzhuang
· National Wax Museum of China
· Prince Gong's Mansion
· Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum
· The Former Residence of Mao Dun
· The Former Residence of Guo Moruo
· Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
· The Tomb of Li Dazhao
· Former Residence of Qi Baishi
· Xu Beihong Museum
· The Former Residence of Lu Xun
· Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling
· Former Residence of Mei Lanfang
· Wangfujing Palaeoanthropology Cultural Relic Museum
· The Memorial Hall of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War
· Yonghegong Lama Temple
· Exhibition Center of Yuanmingyuan Park
· The Great Wall Museum of China
· Beijing Museum of Tap Water
· Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization
· Horse Culture Museum of China
· The Bee Museum of China
· China Currency Museum
· China Sports Museum
· China Railway Museum
· Beijing Folklore Museum
· The Ming Tombs
· Beijing Memorial Hall of New Cultural Movement
· Beijing Museum for Cultural Relic Exchange
· Jiaozhuanghu Memorial Hall of Tunnel Warfare Site
· Beijing Bell and Drum Towers
· Beijing Liao and Jin City Wall Museum
· National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature
· Zhengyang Gate
· The Exhibition Hall of Shanrong Culture
· Shangzhai Culture Exhibition Hall
· Tuancheng Exhibition Hall
· Pingbei Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War
· Pingxi Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War
· Da Jue Temple
· Southeastern Corner Tower of Beijing
· Yan Capital Site Museum of Western Zhou Dynasty
· White Dagoba Temple
· Fahai Temple of Beijing
· Shuangqing Villa on Fragrant Mountain
· Dingling Museum
· Zhoukoudian Relics Museum
· The Ancient Bell Museum in Dazhong Temple
· Relic Hall of Chinese Buddhism Books
· Beijing Police Museum
· China People's Revolution Military Museum
· Beijing Dabaotai Xi Han Dynasty Tomb Museum
· China Agriculture Museum
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