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Notices to the Press
June 4: Government of China to Address Climate Change
May 31: Investigation Results of Drug Poisoning Incident in Panama
May 24: Public Sacrifice Ceremony to Chinese Humanity Ancestor Fu Xi
May 17: Preparation of 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games
May 15: Development of Chinese Women & Children
May 10: Settlement of Five Special Serious Accidents
Apr. 27: Policy for Verification, Publication of Important Geographic Information, Data
Apr. 24: Regulations on Open Government Information
Apr. 19: National Economic Performance in the First Quarters of 2007
Apr. 17: Report on Intellectual Property Protection in 2006
Apr. 5: Implementation of Electricity Regulatory Responsibilities
Mar. 29: Measures on Promoting the Development of Ethnic Minorities
Mar. 1: New Changes in Western Region Development
Feb. 27: Development of Chongqing Municipality
Feb. 13: Combating Corruption and Building a Clean Government
Feb. 8: Special Action Against Internet Infringement & Piracy
Feb. 6: Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Jan. 30: Promote the Construction of a New Socialist Countryside
Jan. 25: National Economic Performance in 2006
Jan. 24: Taxation Review in 2006
Jan. 23: Fully Enhancing Population and Family Planning Program
Jan. 18: Promoting Green Buildings & Building Energy Saving
Jan. 16: Waterborne Traffic Safety Management, Search and Rescue
Jan. 11: Natural Disaster & Disaster Relief in 2006
Dec. 29: The Drafts Examined During the Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the NPC Standing Committee
Dec. 28: The Development of the News-release Work
Dec. 21: The Results of Investigations of Major Work-related Accidents in 2006
Dec. 19: Reform of State-owned Assets Management System
Invitation: The 23rd China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival
Dec. 12: China's Development on Ageing
Dec. 1: Results of The Second National Survey on Disability
Nov. 16: Promulgation And Implementation of Regulation on Foreign-funded Banks
Nov. 10: Issues related to the article Emergence And Predominance of An H5N1 Influenza Variant in China
Nov. 13: Culture Industry Development of Shandong Province
Nov. 7: 2006 Culture Industry EXPO of West China
Oct. 31: Drafts of Anti-Money-Laundering Law and Law on Farmers Special Partnership
Oct. 25: The Progress and achievements of the Year of Russia in China
Oct. 24: Beijing Forum (2006)
Oct. 19: National Economic Performance in the First Three Quarters
Oct. 12: China's Space Activities in 2006
Oct. 11: International Exchange and Cooperation of China's Insurance Industry
Oct. 9: Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture in China
Sept.26: Transparency in Gov't Administrative Affairs
Sept.21: Protection and Development of Chinese Ethnic Culture
Sept. 14: The Guidelines of 11th Five-Year (2006~10) Plan for Cultural Development
Sept. 12: The National Quality Competitiveness Index (NQCI) of manufacturing in 2005
Sept. 6: 3rd China-ASEAN Expo, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit
Sept. 5: Promulgation of Animal Husbandry Law
Aug. 27: 23rd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress
Aug. 26: Implementation of Laws on Environmental Protection
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