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- Students staying in Beijing get stipends, part-time jobs
During China's Spring Festival holiday, which runs from Feb. 6 to 12 this year, about 12,000 university students in Beijing will not return home for various reasons, and they will get government subsidies and part-time jobs, local media reported.
- Stranded workers in Yunnan snowstorm evacuated, victims identified
The 2,000 migrant workers stranded in snowstorms that had ravaged the western part of Yunnan Province in southwest China since late January were evacuated, and the four teenagers died were identified, said local sources on Wednesday.
- Beijing to check water safety daily before Games
Beijing, host city of the upcoming summer Olympics, will have special teams to conduct daily safety checks of its huge water network.
- New governor identifies key to region's growth
Innovation was one of the words Li Hongzhong, the newly elected governor of Hubei Province, used most frequently in a meeting with the media on Saturday in this capital city.
- Green efforts highlighted in Guangdong
Guangdong Province has focused on green efforts to develop an energy-saving economy, as thousands of high-energy consumption enterprises that generate heavy pollution and low yields have closed down or gone bankrupt in the last two months.
- Court upholds death penalty for ant-breeding swindler
The Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court on Monday made a final judgment to uphold the death penalty for a principal in a bogus ant-breeding project that raised 3 billion yuan (US$417 million) from investors.
- Beijing slams Taiwan's 'referendum on UN membership'
China's central authorities on Saturday responded to Taiwan authority's declaration to hold a "referendum on UN membership in the name of Taiwan" on March 22, saying such a move could seriously disturb peace in the region.
- No plan to revise gaming tax: Macao official
The government of Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) has no plan to revise its gaming tax nor it is considering the issue, said a senior official on Friday.
- Dead heron found in HK tests positive for bird flu
A dead black-crowned night heron found earlier in southern Hong Kong has tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu virus, authorities in the Chinese special administrative region said Friday.
- HK offers $1.03 mln relief fund to the mainland
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government approved on Friday a grant of 8 million HK dollars (1.03 million U.S. dollars) from the Disaster Relief Fund for the Hong Kong Red Cross to provide emergency relief to snowstorm victims in the Chinese mainland.
- Shanghai to solicit further public opinion on maglev line
The Shanghai-Hangzhou magnetic levitation (maglev) train line, whose environmental impact has raised concerns among residents, will be the subject of further public opinion surveys, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng said on Thursday.
- Governors vow 'better lives'
The Jiangsu provincial government will spare no effort to provide better lives for its residents, Governor Luo Zhijun said yesterday.
- People will not go short, Mayor says
Shanghai residents will not go without power or food, despite the bad weather being forecast to make a comeback at the weekend, Mayor Han Zheng said yesterday.
- Shanghai mayor wins second term
Mayor Han Zheng won a second five-year term yesterday following an election at the close of the first session of the 13th Shanghai People's Congress.
- Luo Zhijun elected governor of Jiangsu Province
Luo Zhijun was elected governor of east China's Jiangsu Province here on Thursday at a legislative session.
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