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- Move on cartoons
The ban on foreign cartoon broadcasts may not necessarily guarantee the growth of the domestic animation industry, says an article in China Youth Daily. The following is an excerpt:
- Crucial rural knowledge
The second national census on agriculture shed needed light on the latest progress and problems in the development of agriculture and the countryside. Policymakers should make full use of the basic data to boost rural development more effectively.
- More work on inflation
Early reports of shocking price hikes in areas hardest-hit by the bitter snowstorms might have made it relatively easy for the public to swallow a 7.1-percent consumer inflation in January.
- Merger of ministries means better efficiency
Structural reform to China's central government, the so-called "big ministries system", is one of the hottest topics being discussed by the public and the media since it was made known in November last year.
- Spreading green credit
Green credit has developed well in its first phase in China, but still faces many difficulties, says an article in Beijing News
- Taxpayers' rights are key
Civil servants should respect the rights of taxpayers, says an article in the website of People's Daily.
- Give public hearings a credible role to play
On January 22, a public hearing took place on whether mobile phone carriers should lower their roaming fees when users travel out of their home cities.
- Expediting rural growth
The double-digit rise in food prices provides strong evidence why China, the world's most populous country, always has to attach great importance to its agricultural sector.
- Progress on auditing
The annual auditing of the central government's budget which would often discover irregularities and even some economic crimes, was once described as "a loud thunder with only a few rain drops" referring to the lack of efforts in rectifying the irregularities and punishing the perpetrators.
- Dealing with disaster
If the weather forecasts are accurate, the worst is yet to come for the central and southern areas of China.
- Severe punishment for bribery
Light or even no punishment for people giving bribes has aroused attention from law experts and the public as more and more bribery scandals have been disclosed. Legal experts suggest that Chinese courts should hand down severe sentences to "major" bribers whose activities resulted in "serious social harm".
- Price rise protection
The government should upgrade measures to deal with issues caused by the rise in prices of goods, says an article in Market News.
- Mobilizing resources
It has been long time since we have witnessed such heavy snowfalls in central, eastern and southwestern parts of the country. Its timing - pre-holiday travel peak period - has made the situation even worse.
- Transport problems set to spur further price rises
Widespread snowstorms buffeting the country may further drive up consumer prices if disrupted travel on roads and rail is not restored soon, economists have said.
- Protecting wages from entrenched interests
The Ministry of Labor and Social Security drafted a salary regulation last week that is to be submitted to the State Council soon.
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