- Out with the old, in with the new decor
- Chinese have to spend more on Festival dinner
- Dim sum delights for discerning diners
- Zoo makes learning fun for children
- Huang Xiaoming, the first asian face of Gucci
- 'Jackie Chan' clothing brand launched
- With shopping fever approaching, stay cool
- Mid-age is truly depressing-study
- A 10th of Britons are 'rich'-but don't feel it
- Food that's fit for an emperor
- Marketer, tailor, designer, star
- End of a red era: Valentino bids farewell to fashion
- The wonders of Aussie
- A chocolate Valentine's Day
- Fun and games in icy Shanghai
- Peculiar calabash in Lanzhou
- Fuss-free French fare fares fine
- Hospitality a well-honed art
- Early birds catch the discount
- Personal sanctuary imagined by dreamers
- Xia Yu's green tour in UK
- HK Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2008
- Celebrities celebrate fashion mag release
- Open-air bathing in Guangxi Sacred Hot Springs
- Angela Cheung shares make-up skills with fans
- Parkour popular among Chinese youth
- Aaron Kwok poses with crystal pandas
- 'Posh' Beckham tops 'Worst-Dressed' list
- Baubles and bling for golden mouse
- 'Eye Care Bar' opens in Hefei
- Dae Jang-geum star shines in Shanghai
- Karen Mok designs own lingerie collection
- Tug of war to welcome Olympic Games
- Limited edition luxury watch on sale
- Timeless stitches by ladies of leisure
- In reminisce of the old days
- Actress Irene Wan releases photo album
- Fashion across borders
- Kate Moss: most eBayed star in '07
- 'Heart of Greed': Top Yahoo! Buzzword
- LV launches supermodels ads for new collection
- Louis Koo to donate book revenue to UNICEF
- Great Danes of design
- Lust, Caution actress opens up about ex-boyfriend
- Lin Chih-ling promotes Taiwan tourism
- Annie shows off cooking talent
- Shirley Yeung falls for Latin dance
- Historic house turns into a modern club
- Film stars donate props for charity
- Singers, actors claim fashion awards
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.