- Jewellery Show Staged in HK
- Jolin Tsai Attends Press Conference for New Brand
- Policewomen Practice Yoga For Stress Relief
- Xu Jinglei to Head Up Web Magazine
- Gong Li: Not Just a Pretty Face
- Students Spend Much to Realize 'Star Dreams'
- Each Chinese Newly-wed Couple Spend 125,000 Yuan
- China Has World's Largest Shopping Malls
- Plum Festival in Nanjing in Full Bloom
- 150,000 Qingdao Residents Gather to Buy Radish
- Etiquette Exchange Turns into TV Show
- Ghost Story Becomes Popular in Colleges
- Ad Artillery Keeps Attacking Youth with 'Beauty Shells'
- Single Youth Under 'Marriage Pressure' in Festival
- His or Hers, That's the Question
- China Selects Top 10 Spring Festival Text Messages
- Steve Ma Marries Shanghai Girl on V-Day
- Lunar New Year's Eve Carnival Opens in HK
- Toy for Lovers Popular
- Netizens Bemoan St. Valentine's Day Expenditure
- New Casino Opens in Macao
- 'Forced Drinking' Widely Unpopular
- Shanghai Villages to Get Broadband Connections
- Speed Dating Popular in Hong Kong
- Searching for the Right Words
- Young Investors in Stock Market Stir Controversy
- Man-made Beauties Not So Popular with Police
- Beauty Products Top Chinese Women's Shopping Lists
- First Real Name Blog Website Launched in China
- Urban Women Keen on Beauty Consumption
- Bouquets with Pig Images Popular Among Young People
- List of Substances Banned in China's Cosmetics Doubles
- US Friends Comedy Has Friends in Shanghai
- Only 45% of HK People Do Moderate Exercise Daily
- Shake Off Your Weight With Pole Dancing
- 1/4 Internet Users in China Like Shopping Online
- World Fashion Leaders Named and Shamed
- New School Uniforms Cause Uproar
- Growing Taste for Wine in China
- Youngsters Can't Play Lottery
- Roller-skating to Marriage
- The Rich in China Prefer to Take Trip
- China's Internet-obsessed Youth
- Cooking Classes Can Be Fun
- Wallets Open for Online Spending
- Chinese Standards for 'Instant Beauty'
- The Things Chinese Office Workers Hate Most!
- Motherhood for Cecilia Cheung Soon
- A Foreign Actor's Family Life in China
- Netizens' Dark Days Without MSN Cause Dreadful Boredom
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.