- Zhejiang's Wealthy Ladies Devoted to Charity
- Will Podcasting Be More Popular Than Blogs?
- Matchmaking Party for Wealthy Bachelors Attracts Many
- Michelle Reis to Marry HK Tycoon?
- Huang Jianxiang Gets Commercial Deal
- New Year's Eve Carnival Set for Sha Tin
- Luxury Goods Woo SZ Rich
- Beijing to Stop Lottery Sales to Youth
- Wealthy Are Fashionable, Survey Says
- Lip-synching Duo Look Beyond YouTube Fame
- A Blind Man's Cyberworld
- Men in Big Cities Keen on Beauty Care
- Imart Continues to Foster Cult of Creativity
- Neutral Attire Becomes Popular
- People Names Edison Chen Sexiest Men
- 'Grandma' Rocks Nanjing with Street Dance
- Jackie Chan Launches New Cosmetics Line
- 3000 Yuan A Monthly Key to Fashion
- Middle Class Standard Rebuked by Many
- Cancer Patient's Blog Wins Best Chinese Weblog Award
- 600 People Laugh Their Sorrows Away
- Young Prefer to Get Married on Singles Day
- Pregnancy Shoots Become Popular
- Rich But Friendless, Says Poll
- Top Ten Modern Model Love Couples Chosen
- Laugh to Feel Good
- Philippine Maids Appear in Luxury Apartments
- Sex Culture Festival to Be Held
- Weddings... Something Old, Something New....
- French Designers Display 'Nouvelle Couture'
- Horse Fight Festival in Ethnic Miao Village
- Luxury Items on Sale
- 'Filial Piety Stars' Awarded for Double Ninth Festival
- Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Ends
- Chinese Women? Sexy, Healthy and Smart!
- Prospective Mothers Sing for Their Fetuses
- Luxury Exhibits on Show in Guangzhou
- Shopping with Your Hands
- Public Outcry over Parkland Lease For Golf Ranges
- Dating 'Buffet' Held in Shijiazhuang
- China's Richest Woman: from Waste to Wealth
- Beijing Elderly Happy to Live in Nursing Homes
- Who Are the Most Charming Chinese Women?
- Middle Class Have the Biggest Smiles
- Single Mother Issue in Spotlight Thanks to Blog
- China Makes Historic Debut at Paris Fashion Week
- China's Slim Fashion May Against Human Nature
- 2006 'Silk Road' Dress Show
- Fashion Collection Award Launched in HK
- Fashion Made of Recycled Materials on Show
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.