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- Plan to Find out the Next Stars in Documentary Directing
- TV Drama Huo Yuanjia Begins Shooting
- Joint TV Documentary to Mark Sun Yat-sen Anniversary
- Golden Eagle Awards Announced
- Discovery China Chinese Film Contest
- China's TV Industry: An Overview
- Super Girls Show, Super Income!
- Manhunt Reality Show Coming to China
- Ekin, Jordan Shave Heads for Huo Yunajia
- China's New Online Video Spoof Mocks TV Commercials
- Farmers Film TV Series to Reveal Inside Stories
- Reality TV Show Hopes to Cook Up a Storm, Find Star
- Reality Show Sparks Debate
- 1,200-year-old Relic Site Destroyed by TV Production Company
- China's Digital TV Industry to Boom
- Digital TV Industry to Boom
- 'Over 50 Mln People in China Still Cannot Watch TV'
- 50 Mln People in China Still Lack Access to TV
- China Eases Restrictions on Access for Hong Kong Films and TV Series
- Violent TV Blamed for Boy's Killing
- Chinese Digital TV Standard Announced
- Li Yong Tops Most Valuable Hosts List
- TV Stations Ignore the Ban on Illegal Ads
- Complaints over Potency Drug Ad
- TV Regulator in Prime-Time Extramarital Affairs Conundrum
- TV Commercial Triggers Probe
- Boost of Broadcast, film and TV Industry Urged
- Accelerating Development of Broadcast, Film And TV Industry
- Trials of TV Broadcasts on Mobiles Set for 2007
- DMB Mobile TV Service to Start on Trial Basis in Mid-2007
- China to Announce Terrestrial Digital TV Standard
- eBay Deletes Adverts for Banned Satellite TV Dish Auctions
- TV Crew Damages Cultural Site
- Satellite Dish Ban Flouted on China's On-line Auction Sites
- China to Ban Foreign Cartoons in 'Golden Hours'
- Banned Medical Ads Still on TV
- 'My Hero' Rules!
- Television Wins Olympic Gold!
- Locals Prefer Olympics on TV
- TV Dramas Bring Cool Comfort for Summer Couch Potatoes
- Misleading TV-Radio Ads to Be Banned
- China to Censor TV Animation Production
- Misleading TV-Radio Ads to Be Banned
- Slimming, Breast Enlargement ADs Suspended
- China Bans Quack Medicines on TV
- Arab States Want More Chinese TV
- Arab Officials Ask for More Chinese TV Programs
- CCTV News Edges Toward Reform
- China Mobile Acquires Phoenix Stake
- Spielberg Mulls Monkey King Movie
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
Taiyuan celebrate Lantern Festival

Residents of Jinci Town in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan perform traditional folk arts to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 21 this year.