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- Rules favor mainland-Taiwan TV shows
- TV show on red songs made a big stir
- TVB 40th anniversary show hit small screens
- Russian TV features Chinese Kungfu
- Red Mansions remake starts despite undecided cast
- Handsome Vic Zhou shows up with new haircut
- Pulp friction?
- Li Xiang launches E-magazine Believe
- TVB gives lifetime honor to Lydia Shum
- 2,000 sex-related ads dropped from Chinese television and radio
- Huang Xiaoming shows singing talent in TV series
- Broadcasting watchdog to limit smoking scenes
- Man sees his faithless wife confessing all on TV
- CCTV to launch French, Spanish channels
- The fan phenomenon - Is it out of control?
- Regulator pulls plug on tacky television
- Phoenix TV on Comcast Cable Caters to Chinese
- Phoenix TV launches Chinese program on Time Warner Cable
- JJ Lin to debut on small screen
- Li Yong Reported Resignation Denied
- TV Host Patty Hou Turns to Writing
- Chinese TV Drama Scores in Seoul
- Most Chinese Internet Users Support Ban on Talent Show: Survey
- TVB Stars Get Int'l Emmy Awards Nods
- Global Kung Fu Star TV Competition Starts
- China Bans Live Plastic Surgery Show
- Survivor: China to Premiere in September
- Qin Road Shoots in Ordos
- Chinese TV Series Viewed Illegally in Japan
- Watchdog Say 'No' to Chongqing TV Contest
- Unauthorized TV, Radio Channels Banned
- New Version of The Butterfly Lovers for Taiwan TV
- Veteran Chinese Comedian Dies
- CCTV-5 to Become Olympic Channel in 2008
- New Shanghai Bund Too Smoky
- Yong Zheng Dynasty Cameraman Dies
- Ex-TV Star Gets Life for Tea-house Murder
- Nanking Documentary Released in China on 70th Anniversary of Atrocity
- Chinese Prison Break to Start Shooting in Sept.
- TV Drama Explores White-collar Dark Side
- Grand Gala Held Marking HK's Return
- China's TV Watchdog Vows To Stem Censorship Corruption
- Airing of Banned Ads Gets 2 TV Channels Punished
- Shanghai Says No to Bragging Cosmetic TV Ads
- Microsoft, SMG Sign Entertainment Deal
- He Jiong Applies to Be Olympic Volunteer
- HK TV Dramas to be Broadcast on Mainland
- 1,038 TV Programs Traded in Shanghai TV Festival
- Fan Bingbing Opens Her Own Company
- Liu Ye and Zhao Lin Promote New TV Drama
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
Taiyuan celebrate Lantern Festival

Residents of Jinci Town in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan perform traditional folk arts to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 21 this year.