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12 17, 2015
Man builds air purifier for his home
A Shanghai IT professional made his own air purifier earlier this year.
12 11, 2015
South-South co-op stands out in climate change challenge
South cooperation (SSC) has been widely recognized in the past few years as a new dimension of international cooperation on climate change.
11 30, 2015
Third Pole Challenges
As the globe's Third Pole, changes in the Tibetan Plateau's environment are closely linked to the evolution of the environment and ecosystem of the world, and Eurasia in particular.
11 23, 2015
China dreams green
Can China break free from its fossil fuel addiction? In the 13th Five-Year Plan been discussed last month in Beijing, large efforts were made to curb emissions and invest in green power as a source of energy security.
11 18, 2015
New ice cores to tell climate tale
A team of scientists from five countries recently climbed onto the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and drilled six metric tons of ice cores-the oldest ice on Earth's so-called Third Pole.
10 19, 2015
Environment for Development
The environment is one of the key areas of cooperation between China and the UN.
09 06, 2015
Desert of a different color
Elion Chairman Wang Wenbiao declared, "We have changed the color of the desert through technological means and unremitting effort."
09 06, 2015
Desertification affects us all
Desertification is not something that happens far away; it affects all of us. That is why we should all join in the fight against it.
09 06, 2015
Sustaining the green drive
Desertification has become a threat to the whole planet, jeopardizing economy and society.
09 06, 2015
Taming the desert the Kubuqi way
A substantial number of strategies to tackle desertification have been implemented in China.
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