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03 02, 2015
Infographic: Smog and China's economic development in numbers
Get an instant overview of the effects of smog on China's economic development.
02 27, 2015
Extraordinary lenticular clouds
Look at these amazing images of lenticular clouds. Because of their shape, they have been offered as an explanation for some UFO sightings.
01 29, 2015
Tibetan Mastiff loses its shine in China
In addition to a Lamborghini, a Tibetan Mastiff was once the accessory of choice for rich Chinese to flaunt their wealth. But the ancient breed seems to be losing its glamour as the trend subsides.
01 12, 2015
Strict controls help clear the air
More cities have been turning to tough measures to rein in pollution in line with a national drive for sustainable development.
01 06, 2015
Project suspended to make way for finless porpoises
A 500-million-yuan waterway construction project has been suspended to make way for the black finless porpoise, an endangered species in China’s Yangtze River.
12 24, 2014
Preparedness, awareness vital to disaster risk reduction
Preparedness and awareness to disaster risks play a vital role in reducing such an exposure.
12 12, 2014
Infographic: highlights from China's climate change report
Highlights from The 3rd National Assessment Report of Climate Change in China.
12 09, 2014
The heat is on for the 'living fossil'
The Chinese Sturgeon has been around for 140 million years, but economic development may soon result in China's rarest native species disappearing for good.
11 28, 2014
China takes the lead in combating climate change
In its role as a major economy and responsible country, China is taking the leading role in tackling the challenge of climate change.
11 18, 2014
Mending degraded lands to promote the world peace and security
It is no doubt that land degradation presents enormous challenge to the world peace and security. Whereas, there are no lack of successful evidences today that we can improve our environment through collective efforts.
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