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11 14, 2014
Why climate change top G20 economic issue
Climate change is closely linked to economic progress and G20 leaders need to address this important issue during the Brisbane summit, said a leading United Nations environmentalist.
10 31, 2014
Olympics bid fuels drive for clean air
For Nick Ward, a snow-boarding enthusiast from the United States who lives in Beijing, the only issue holding back his skiing passion in the Chinese capital is the heavy haze that sometimes shrouds North China.
10 29, 2014
Smog brings windfall to US graduate
An American graduate from Princeton started an online shop on taobao.com to sell homemade air filter kits, making, beyond his expectation, as much as 500,000 yuan ($81,784) per day during some of the most polluted days in Beijing.
10 28, 2014
Whittling down pollution
Environmental tribunals have been set up to facilitate judgments in court.
10 24, 2014
Saving Chinese freshwater dolphins
Professor Yu Daoping knows the ins and outs of the Yangtze river dolphin, having dissected more than 200 corpses of the finless porpoise over the last 20 years.
10 21, 2014
Hard times for the lords of the rings
A ban on performances by circus animals at China's State-owned zoos has won praise from activists, but could spell ruin for a traditional industry.
10 14, 2014
Hu Jun: living and promoting a low-carbon life
Over the past ten years of his retirement, Hu has devoted himself to researching energy conservation and environmental protection.
10 14, 2014
Tamer takes care of rare-monkey business
Xiao Zhijin's routine has been unchanged for decades. At 8 am he treks several kilometers to a river valley, bringing breakfast to his friends of 26 years.
10 10, 2014
Jokes, air purifiers: life of Beijingers in days of smog
The longest distance in the world is not that between life and death, but when I hold your hand at a crossing in Beijing, I can't see your face.
10 09, 2014
A dangerous job: collecting trash on a cliff
A 44-year-old Chinese street cleaner who's spent 14 years picking up trash from the cliff at the Golden Summit of Mount Emei, Sichuan province, was recently nominated as one of the "Good People of Sichuan" because of his devotion to the job.
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