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09 28, 2014
A rocky energy source
Despite China's fast development in recent years, its pipelines stretch only 60,000 kilometers, a situation which hinders the quick commercialization of shale gas resources as well as enthusiasm of producers.
09 28, 2014
Ecological Huairou
Compared to the previous famous resort cities, Huairou is not a natural successor. It has endured monumental change.
09 28, 2014
Environmental injustice
Sharing the same planet and its finite resources, those from various regions and countries must accept the responsibilities together or the situation won't improve.
09 23, 2014
Elion Group makes the desert bloom
Through a 20-year process of afforestation, Elion Resources Group has transformed the Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia into an oasis that can support sustainable livelihoods for thousands of the area’s residents.
09 23, 2014
Major water project free from pollution
As a key section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project prepares to go into operation, water quality tests show the battle against pollution is being won.
09 22, 2014
No 'Plan B' for climate action: UN chief
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday said that there is no "Plan B" for action on climate change as there is no "Planet B."
08 25, 2014
Surviving tough conditions
Tibet's harsh environment can be the biggest challenge for officials and professionals from the inland areas taking part in the national Aid-Tibet program.
08 21, 2014
Wetlands protection prioritized for environmental concerns
A failed program to convert swathes of north China's swampland into farms in the 1970s has proved a boon for one of the country's faltering bird species.
08 21, 2014
Rare bird forms unique bond with researcher
An oriental white stork is just a rare bird in most people's eyes, but for Zhao Zhichun, Katyusha is one of his closest friends, even a "lover".
08 18, 2014
African penguin could be extinct by 2024
There's growing concern over the serious decline in the African Penguin population, which experts say could be extinct within the next 10 years.
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