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08 14, 2014
More Chinese attracted to world's white wildernesses
Endless snow and glaciers, untouched coastlines and the thrill of following in the footsteps of renowned explorers are luring more Chinese to polar trips.
08 13, 2014
Booming tourism: a double-edged sword for Tibet
Booming tourism's possible threat to Tibet's ecosystem is a hot topic at the Forum on the Development of Tibet.
08 08, 2014
The revitalization of Milu deer in China
A huge stone at Beijing's Milu Park, which protects endangered deer, welcomes visitors using the most commonly spoken languages in the world.
07 31, 2014
South China islands see green transformation
The Chinese government is working to make the island cluster in the South China Sea more habitable for humans and wildlife.
07 31, 2014
Ex-Panbassadors enjoy homeland
Giant pandas born overseas learn to adapt back in China in Sichuan province.
07 28, 2014
Liao Lichun's green desert dream
Liao Lichun's dream is to safeguard Beijing's blue sky. "I hope that I can green the deserts in everybody's hearts, and future generations can live better lives as a result of the efforts of us volunteers," he said.
07 25, 2014
Human-animal tensions escalate in Qinghai
Herdsmen in Yushu, Qinghai Province, have had a difficult time recently getting along with wild animals, partly because the shortage of food has made them turn against the local people.
07 22, 2014
Endangered monkey making a comeback in Tibetan reserve
The population of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys has grown from fewer than 400 in the 1980s to nearly 800 in Tibet.
07 15, 2014
Goldfever of China's e-trash industry
Forty-three kilometers away from downtown Shijiazhuang, one of China's most polluted cities, Xiaoshijiazhuang has been extracting profits from e-trash for two decades.
07 10, 2014
Wild animals cause mischief in Tibet
A Tibetan herder came home one night, only to find a brown bear sitting in a corner of his house drinking a can of soda water.
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