- Key to reform financial system
China has an underdeveloped banking system with relatively low-quality service, but the system might be blamed most for its lack of small- and medium-sized banks (SMBs) and regional capital markets.
- Corrupt houses
The exposure of apartment buildings with serious quality problems one after another points to the prevalent corruption in the construction industry. The document released by the State Council last week to launch a two-year crackdown on serious malpractices in the real estate sector further underscores how serious the problem is.
- Small car, big move
Were it not for the news that Guangzhou is to lift an 8-year-old ban on small vehicles, many may not easily believe that there is such a restriction in the southern metropolis.
- Project to tame chengguan 'costly and ineffective'
A pilot program aimed at reducing violence caused by chengguan officers has been criticized as costly and ineffective.
- Strict supervision for better healthcare
To ensure that the national basic medicine system is implemented properly, the authorities have to strengthen supervision, says an article in Qilu Evening News.
- The law and libel
We know that things sometimes can get messier than imagined; that local officials sometimes forget there are limits to their authority; and, that the average citizen sometimes finds himself/herself defenseless in the face of abusive officials.
- Care for public voices
The municipal authorities in Beijing have reportedly been experimenting on a risk evaluation mechanism that previews a government policy's potential of causing letters and visits of complaints, or xin fang.
- Compromised justice
The recent high-profile case in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality calls for closer scrutiny of our judicial and law enforcement teams.
- Conducive to justice
Apparently the Communist Party of China's Central Political and Legislative Affairs Committee has come up with a workable scheme to divert the pressure posed by letters and visits of complaints, or "xin fang," on Beijing.
- Heed workers' voices
Two mass protests by workers in less than two months against privatization of State-owned firms point to the difficulties workers face in effectively protecting their rights and interests.
- Learning to lobby legislators
The rise in traffic accidents throughout China caused by drunk drinking over recent months has provoked great indignation among the public over this irresponsible behavior.
- Moral power works better
Administrative power cannot build a real charitable city, says an article in Xiaoxiang Morning Post.
- GDP calculation must be tightened
The central government should strengthen legislation on GDP calculations to stop provincial and regional governments from fudging economic growth figures to curry favor from higher officials.
- Gift of hindsight
The controversial "Green Dam" software will "absolutely not be compulsorily installed on all computers" sold in China, says Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong.
- Use of donor funds
Who should have the right to control the use of the donors' money for the earthquake victims in Sichuan province last year? That 80 percent of the 76 billion yuan ($11.2 billion) donated for the earthquake victims was reported on Wednesday to be under the government's management has touched off this debate.
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