- Gov't to end child abduction
In the past decade, the public security authorities in Dongguan have rescued 138 children who were abducted. We feel happy for these children and their parents.
- Rank corruption
Do we need to rank the country's institutions of higher learning? If so, what kind of authority has the credentials to do the job and what criterion does it have to assess the quality of a university?
- Terrible to die of happiness
A poor, old man surnamed Zhu of Beipei, Chongqing municipality, died of rapture after he was told part of his medical fees would be reimbursed by the local community.
- Stimulus package has started bearing fruits
A growth rate of 6.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009, the lowest in a decade, has reaffirmed the Chinese government's commitment to stimulate its economy through massive domestic spending and targeted foreign assistance.
- Taxi fare proposals criticized
Neither taxi drivers nor passengers have welcomed proposals to change taxi tariffs, including scrapping the late-night surcharge and moving it to rush hours, instead.
- Protect informants
The amendments to the regulation on tip offs published on Monday are a timely and necessary measure to facilitate the country's fight against corruption.
- Ignorance is worse than flu
The local governments' ignorance of and indifference to swine flu may invite risks that might otherwise be warded off.
- Web of restrictions
Last week Hangzhou municipal government adopted regulations, which require Internet portals under its administration to ask for the real identity of Internet users who register to blog or post opinions online starting from Saturday. This has aroused strong opposition from Internet users.
- Statistics and lies
The latest regulations on penalties for fabricating statistics can be deemed as another threatening roll of thunder. Whether it will be followed by a downpour to wash away the unbecoming practice remains to be seen.
- Corruption as food for thought
The People's Daily on Monday reported a decision of the Party School of the Hubei provincial committee prohibiting its students from using public money to treat each other to feasts.
- Leadership size matters
How many vice governors or assistants should a local government leader have? This question should never arise. But, now it has and in a serious way.
- Grads need more help to start own ventures
The country should take more practicable and operable measures to help fresh graduates start their own businesses.
- Urban management officers in hot soup
How can some chengguan (urban management) officers be so ruthless and barbaric with street peddlers or those who they believe have violated urban management rules?
- Job situation not as bad
It is reassuring that the latest official statistics indicate that China's labor situation is not as bad as many people have feared.
- Chinese ocean presence a must for peaceful development
After more than a year of preparations beneath local residents' eyes, an international fleet review massed in the water through which foreign warships entered China with opium in the 1890s.
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