- Shanghai on fast track to financial eminence
In late March, the State Council, China's Cabinet, approved Shanghai's plans to develop into one of the world's top financial and shipping centers by 2020.
- No green signal
It is yet another example of economic development overriding environmental concerns. Two State-owned hydropower companies are reported to have started work on dams on the Jinsha river in southwestern Sichuan before securing the environmental impact assessment (EIA).
- An everyday virtue
Guangdong province, one of China's energy-thirsty manufacturing bases, will observe an "Energy Shortage Experience Day" with much fanfare today.
- How much is too much?
It's high time we prevented government officials from using public funds to travel overseas for leisure in the garb of business trips
- Phone texts can't clean government
The hopes of eliminating corruption by awarding officials for creating short mobile phone text messages is a waste of time
- Anti-porn filter software stirs up disputes in China
Chinese government's decision to provide computers with software packages for filtering online pornographic contents has received cautious welcome from PC makers, yet many Internet users are skeptical of the software's capacity.
- Policemen, heal thyself
The "prostitution case" in Kunming once again shows that measures must be taken immediately to regulate, restrict and supervise the use of power vested in law enforcers. Only then can we prevent such power from being abused to bully ordinary people, says an article on the People's Daily website.
- Good neighborly ties for better goods
China and Japan should promote healthy economic and trade relations by working together to ensure product quality and food safety, said Vice-Premier Wang Qishan in an article contributed to The Nikkei.
- Chengdu bus fire: what is to be done
Should one refuse to eat for fear of choking? Of course not – improved fireproofing and firefighting technologies are the logical way forward.
- Real stability
The importance of stability can never be overestimated. China would not have accomplished what it has without long-term political and social stability in recent decades.
- Appointment by local gov't sparks debate
Veteran journalist Yin Hong will be given a senior university role to become the third reporter promoted by the Yunnan government within a year.
- Netizens hail audit report on corruption
- Copyright challenges are being addressed
The world's largest online community is grappling with challenges it faces in protecting intellectual property rights (IPR), says an expert.
- Is demolition necessary?
The collapse of a 2.9-km-long elevated highway claimed nine lives and left 16 injured on Sunday in Zhuzhou, Central China's Hunan Province. While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, the foremost question which the local government must answer is: Why did the highway designed for a life span of 50 years crash just 14 years after it was built.
- Abuse, most foul
It is a scandal, but more than that, it is an outrage.
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