- Tax hike has little effect on smokers
The government should raise both taxes and the retail price of cigarettes as a tobacco control measure, experts said after a survey found 80.5 percent of Chinese smokers support raising tobacco taxes.
- Stop targeting China's political system
No matter how differently Western media outlets reported the March 14 incident in Tibet last year and the recent riots in Urumqi, their comments shared the same judgment toward the Chinese government. China's political system was often the single target attacked quickly and easily.
- Make drink driving a crime: Panel
Drink driving should be treated as a crime regardless of whether the driver causes a crash, a panel of legal experts has told the country's top court.
- Good news comes at last
Physically challenged citizens hope the ban on them to get a driving license is lifted now that the government is considering amending the regulations, says an article on the website of China National Radio.
- Punishing bribe-givers
With the country's most corrupt official Chen Tonghai, former top leader of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, getting the death sentence with a two-year reprieve for receiving about 200 million yuan ($29 million) in bribes, the focus in the case has now shifted to the question of why any of the five offenders allegedly involved in bribery are still at large.
- Probe into incidents should be fast, clean
The government should release investigation results on sensitive public issues as promptly as possible
- Keep recovery on track
China's stronger-than-expected growth in the second quarter highlights both the resilience of the economy and the efficacy of the massive stimulus plan.
- Check SOE leaders
Chen Tonghai, former general manager and chairman of board of directors of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC), more than deserves the death sentence with a two-year reprieve that was announced yesterday. The total he received in bribes is close to 200 million yuan ($29 million).
- Discrimination necessary for integration
- Right to information still no guarantee
A court verdict saying a township government should disclose information doesn't mean the rights of citizens are being protected fully.
- Be true to all citizens
Exactly like what we witnessed in the wake of the March 14, 2008 incidents in Lhasa, the Chinese government is inundated with passionate pleas and exhortations from compassionate Westerners: Exercise restraint. Respect the "human rights" of minorities.
- Separatists won't succeed
Uygur separatist leaders based in the US promptly condemned the Chinese authorities for their "brutal crackdown". But they did not even censure the rioters for killing so many people.
- Faking an advantage
Repeated scandals about college entrance examination candidates getting extra marks for fake identity of ethnicity or fake athletic performance has put the policy on grill.
- Sheer driving pleasure? Not the right time
It was a time for China to flex its financial muscle everywhere. It was also a time of widespread corruption, economic inequality and public discontent.
- Secessionism should not be tolerated
The deadly riots in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjing Uygur autonomous region, on Sunday night claimed 156 lives and left 1,080 injured. The Chinese media have criticized the preplanned violence.
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