- Public mood is never to be ignored
Two incidents that happened recently have caused a sensation across the country.
- Cannot be too cautious
Ever since the A(H1N1) flu began spreading across the world, the Chinese government has adopted timely and strict preventive measures. Yet some Western countries have been criticising these measures.
- Sensible healthcare
Desirable results do not necessarily come from good intentions alone. It is particularly so with the complicated reform of healthcare service. The embarrassing situation a county government faces after the implementation of its new medical bill reimbursement program in March is a case in point.
- Taiwan public benefits
The new Taiwan policies announced yesterday at the Strait Forum shows that the mainland is taking concrete measures to help Taiwan to cope better with the ongoing financial crisis.
- Collectors can't be keepers
Audio-visual Copyright Management Association of China (ACMAC) has collected more than 80 million yuan ($11.73 million) in copyright payment from karaoke operators in the past two years, but none of the singers involved have received a penny.
- When threat to dignity can kill
An official was killed when asking for special service from a service maid. Regardless of how rude or offensive the official's conduct was, it can never justify the act of killing on the part of the maid.
- How to check the flu?
It is not surprising that the flu finally hit China. It is unrealistic to expect that tightened measures at airports will stop the virus from entering the country, given daily trips to and from flu-affected countries and regions.
- Crack down on speed monsters
Authorities should tighten traffic management to more effectively combat traffic crimes
- Quake zone governance exposes challenges facing China's petty officers
In China's political hierarchy, "petty officer" is the joint name they share. When the devastating quake killing nearly 70,000 Chinese people occurred last May, they were thrown into the front-line of an intricate battle, rushing to appease diversified public appeals and juggling economic recovery with social stability.
- Uniform colors: Chengguan
Will a switch to a "friendly" color of uniform improve the image of chengguan (city management) officers?
- No escape for corrupt officials
Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun were sentenced to 22 and 25 years in prison respectively on May 6, after an eight-year refuge in the US.
- Taxing concerns
The State Administration of Taxation recently issued a notice on strengthening tax collection to secure the expected growth of tax revenues for this year.
- Transparency gives us power
The government has shown courage by releasing disaster-related statistics. It has given us the power to rebuild our homes in the quake zone.
- We're all taxed out
Almost all of us who hate corruption, and all of those who indulge in it, know there is a department called the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention (NBCP).
- Discipline and reward
When things get nastier than what public opinion can swallow, officials implicated in scandals are replaced, or simply given the boot.
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