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Health Tips
If you have a tip to share about keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating common ailments like aches and pains, or better yet, the secret to longevity, drop us an E-mail.

- Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating fish regularly - one or two serves weekly - may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer.
- Living healthier doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.
- Toddlers rescued from orphanages and placed in good foster homes had far better reasoning, language and other intellectual skills than those who remained.
- Girls who are overweight often enter puberty earlier than girls who have a normal weight.
- If you are a frequent fast food patron, consider limiting visits to fewer than once a week.
- Children don't need to wear shoes until they begin to walk -- at about 12 months to 15 months of age.
- Using a hydrating lip balm to smooth lips in winter.
- A tug of wine helps live a long life.
- You can't be unhappy when you're smiling or singing.
- Do a squat every time you pick something up.
- Cultivating a healthy body image in your teen can be key to preventing an eating disorder.
- Do stomach crunches before you get out of the bed in the morning for a flatter stomach.
- Walk 10 minutes a day and increase your fitness level.
- A glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help protect against heart disease.
- Light music can help you fall asleep easily.
- Don't drink wine immediately after bath.
- Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
- A light heart lives long.
- Daily exercise is the secret to longevity.
- Helping others keeps you happy and healthy.
- Protect your skin. Wash your face after watching TV to get rid of the electrostatic dust.
- Open windows regularly to keep the air in your room fresh.
- Wash your hair every day to keep it clean and healthy.
- Keeping late hours could lead to insomnia.
- The best time to sleep is from 22:00 to 6:00 when sleep quality is best.
- Try to maintain a positive outlook on life, and it could enhance your immunity.
- Short naps after lunch can help you look younger.
- Get a minimum of eight hours sleep per day to keep a clear mind.
- Drink more water during the day to guard against constipation; drink less water at night for good uninterrupted sleep.
- Eating late into the night could lead to weight and health problems.
- Drink a cup of water first thing in the morning to guard against constipation.
- An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Ministry Press Releases
- China to expand urban medical aid system
- Manufacturers urged to use nutrition labels
- Public health incidents kill 515 in 2007
- Infectious diseases claim 1,000 lives in Dec.
- Medical reform to launch in selected regions this year
- Traditional medicines not always the tonic
- TCM trial aimed to help prevent diseases
- Experts agree global language of TCM
- You need moxie to try moxibustion
- Acupuncture used during heart surgery
Diet & Nutrition
- Eating broccoli may help fight heart disease
- Eat radishes, skip the pharmacy
- How to cook your catch
- Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of kidney cancer
- Green tea may help protect against Parkinson's
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