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Students hold Global Climate Change Youth Congress
Zhang Ruiying, program director of Buildings, which is under the wing of The Energy Foundation, said, “It’s a very ambitious target. China is a developing country, and we need to make hard efforts to achieve it.” 能源基金会建筑节能项目总监张瑞英认为这是一个十分具有挑战性的目标,同时因为中国还是一个发展中国家,我们必须十分努力才能实现这一目标。
In response to the world wanting China to do more regarding climate change, Zhang noted that this is a natural response, as China is the largest developing country and its CO2 emissions are increasing as the economy develops. She believes China is making strong efforts and is fully committed. 尽管如此,世界对中国仍有更高的期望,面对这一言论,张瑞英说这是一个自然的反应。中国作为世界上最大的发展中国家,碳排放随着经济增长而上升。但是她相信中国已经做出了巨大并且坚定的努力。
Yang Fuqiang of WWF International agrees. “People need to look at the targets, such as China and the United States, which have different backgrounds…Developing countries need about 165 billion Euros in financial help for emissions reduction every year. However, developed countries only commit 10 billion Euros a year, which hardly meets the requirements.” 世界自然基金会的杨富强同意她的说法。他认为:“人们应该从不同的背景来看待减排目标,例如中美就是完全不同的情况……发展中国家每年需要大约1650亿欧元的经济援助进行减排,但是目前发达国家只承诺每年提供大约100亿欧元,这远远满足不了发展中国家的需求。”
Yang said China is one of the countries most severely affected by climate change, yet it can also be one of the biggest beneficiaries if we can slow down the pace of climate change. Yang told the students that the challenges of coping with climate change rests on their shoulders. 杨富强说中国是受气候变化影响最严重的国家之一,但是如果对气候变化问题采取措施,我们也会是最大的受益国之一,同时他认为这一任务就落在了在场年轻人的肩膀上。
President of GCCYC and current Renmin University student Alex Wang said the conference is to help prepare the students to tackle those challenges. “We hope to motivate every young person, not only from China but also from other countries, to be youth leaders to fight climate change.” 人民大学学生、大会主席王则开说,本次峰会的主要目的是帮助学生们做好准备迎接这一重任:“我们希望能够鼓舞无论中国还是世界上其他国家的每一位年轻人,让他们但当起青年领袖的重任,和气候变化做斗争。”
The conference included a visit from former UN Under-Secretary and co-founder of the Kyoto Protocol, Maurice F. Strong. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also sent a letter encouraging the students, saying, “Extraordinary times such as this open extraordinary opportunities for change. Young people make up the world’s population and have much to contribute…I welcome in particular the holding of a Model UN conference dedicated to climate change.” 会议邀请了前任联合国副秘书长、《京都议定书》的创始人之一马瑞斯•斯特朗进行主题演讲。而联合国秘书长潘基文发来贺电说:“青年人作为世界的一员,在联合国的框架下有很多可以做出贡献的地方…我非常欢迎这个致力于气候变化的模拟联合国大会的召开。”
The event was co-organized by Renmin University and the Embassy of Denmark.


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