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Students hold Global Climate Change Youth Congress

By Zhang Fang
China.org.cn staff reporter


AIESEC, an international youth organization, held a mock United Nations climate change conference in Beijing, November 27-29. The purpose of the event was to raise young people’s voices for the UN’s upcoming Copenhagen summit. 国际青年组织AIESEC亚洲区于112729日,在北京举办一场模拟联合国气候变化会议,向即将开幕的哥本哈根峰会发出了来自青年团体的声音。
More than 300 university students from all over China participated in this Global Climate Change Youth Congress (GCCYC) at Renmin University, with more than 20 guests invited to speak about climate change. 此次名为全国气候变化青年峰会的大会将主会场设立在中国人民大学,汇集了来自全国多所高校的300多名大学生,并邀请了20余位嘉宾参与讨论气候变化问题。
Students participating in GCCYC take on the role of diplomatic delegates from various countries and debate for legislation. At this conference, students debated 20 topics regarding climate change. 本次大会采取模拟联合国大会的形式,学生们代表来自不同国家的参会代表并模拟联合国会议上的国家发言。本次峰会一共辩论了20项有关气候变化的议题。
They were divided into four GCCYC committees: “Financial crisis and climate change,” “Climate change and the development of clean energy,” “International cooperation at climate change,” and “The responsibility of enterprises facing climate change.” 参与的代表们分到“金融危机与气候变化”、“气候变化及新型清洁能源开发”、“气候变化方面的国际间合作”以及“企业在气候变化中的职责 ” 四个模拟联合国大会委员会里。
The conference also included four panels of experts and environmentalists to thoroughly discuss topics with the students. 此次峰会还组织了四个主题论坛,有多位环境专家和现场学生们近距离探讨气候变化问题。
Premier Wen Jiabao announced on November 26 that China is going to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2020 by 40-45 percent compared with 2005 levels, which gained wide attention at the conference. 中国总理温家宝于1126宣布2020年中国单位GDP的二氧化碳排放要比2005年的下降40%45%, 这一举措在会议上赢得了广泛关注。

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