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Dan Steinbock
标题图片 Dr. Steinbock is Guest Fellow of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). He also has affiliations with think-tanks focusing on the United States, Europe and India. For more see: http://www.differencegroup.net
2017 August 16
Trump administration's return to trade wars
As the White House is about to escalate trade frictions along with nuclear risks, global economic prospects could turn more clouded and markets more volatile.
2017 August 10
Strange fall of the US dollar after initial euphoria
As the exuberant Trump White House has been mugged by realities, US dollar is plunging to record lows.
2017 August 1
The myths and realities of Duterte’s infrastructure initiative
A huge upgrade of infrastructure is vital for the Philippines' economic future. That's why it is contested by entrenched interests, including foreign powers. This is the first in a series of occasional commentaries about the Philippines' transformation from an international viewpoint.
2017 July 26
Trump's 'First America' trade frictions are about to begin
After the US-Sino Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, trade issues are alienating not only China and America’s NATO allies – but its NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico.
2017 July 19
US steel policy may trigger a global trade conflict
As the White House seeks to turn steel imports into a national security matter, the issue is alienating not only China but also the United States' NATO allies.
2017 July 17
Why jobs growth no longer induces wage growth
As the Fed’s continued tightening tends to suppress growth in emerging economies, US labor market may not be as strong as recent reports suggest.
2017 June 14
US-China trade amid America's new uncertainty
There is more continuity between Obama and Trump than the Democrats would like to acknowledge.
2017 April 26
'Buying American' and losing America
Despite "America First" pledges, they may leave America second across attractive industries over time.
2017 April 21
Political risk, local pricing returning gold’s lustre
Viewing gold from an exclusive dollar perspective effectively ignores the benefits that global investors — particularly those in emerging economies — derive from adding gold to their portfolio.
2017 April 10
Dollar and Chinese currency: mysteries revealed
The problem in the US/RMB exchange rate is not the alleged currency manipulation in China (or elsewhere). Rather, US twin deficits cast a long, potentially dangerous shadow over the US economy, which no longer justifies a strong dollar.
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