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George N. Tzogopoulos
Dr George N. Tzogopoulos is an expert in media and politics/international relations as well as Chinese affairs. He is Director of the EU-China Program at the Centre International de Formation Européenne and Visiting Lecturer at the European Institute affiliated with it and is teaching international relations and energy international relations at the Department of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace. George is the author of two books: US Foreign Policy in the European Media: Framing the Rise and Fall of Neoconservatism (IB TAURIS) and The Greek Crisis in the Media: Stereotyping in the International Press (Ashgate) as well as the founder of chinaandgreece.com.
August 30, 2022
Turkiye's recalibration of foreign policy
The evolution of Turkish foreign policy under President Tayyip Erdogan is grounded in the determination to toughly negotiate in the international scene.
July 22, 2022
Cementing cooperation in the cosmos
China's self-reliance has defined its impressive space program for years. Recent agreements with the BRICS countries and Africa demonstrate that cooperation remains the desired goal.
July 19, 2022
The plunging EUR and the future of the European economy
As the price of the Euro falls, China might – in the short-term – experience some ramifications on its exports to Eurozone economies but find – in the medium and long-horizons – new chances to re-invest in Europe.
June 11, 2022
Significance of the French legislative election
French citizens will soon participate in the two rounds of the legislative election. President Emmanuel Macron hopes to win the majority of seats, but a new political formation composed of left and center-left parties looks set to challenge him.
May 31, 2022
A special year for China and Greece
This year, China and Greece celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, a period that has included several historic trade and cultural collaborations.
April 29, 2022
Another 5 years for Emmanuel Macron
While Emmanuel Macron secured his second term as French president, French society continues to demonstrate signs of economic and labor division that will need his full attention over the next five years.
April 15, 2022
Synergies are always possible
China and the EU, through their cooperation, continue to envision a world where they can achieve a framework of common understanding that will allow synergies towards common prosperity – and allow for their differences.
January 20, 2022
China's role in the world
Amid an era defined by global uncertainties, China continues to espouse the value of world leaders recognizing the transnational nature of these challenges and joining hands in spite of existing differences.
January 10, 2022
Another year starts with optimism in China
Despite COVID-19, China witnessed another strong economic year, with high GDP growth and a significant increase in foreign direct investment, indicating a bright 2022 ahead.
November 4, 2021
Chinese FM's new European tour
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's most recent visit to Europe demonstrates China's willingness to develop strong relations with several European states.
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