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George N. Tzogopoulos
Dr George N. Tzogopoulos is an expert in media and politics/international relations as well as Chinese affairs. He is Director of the EU-China Program at the Centre International de Formation Européenne and Visiting Lecturer at the European Institute affiliated with it and is teaching international relations and energy international relations at the Department of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace. George is the author of two books: US Foreign Policy in the European Media: Framing the Rise and Fall of Neoconservatism (IB TAURIS) and The Greek Crisis in the Media: Stereotyping in the International Press (Ashgate) as well as the founder of chinaandgreece.com.
June 23, 2020
China and African countries proceed together
China's moves to help Africa tackle the growing COVID-19 pandemic is symptomatic of the growing closeness being created in a wide range of fields.
June 18, 2020
Unrelenting efforts in fight against COVID-19
The past few days, China has been locking down communities across Beijing in response to a worrying rise of new cases. Having expected a second wave, the Chinese authorities are acting carefully to contain the new outbreak.
June 4, 2020
A future based on solid foundations
With the government carefully introducing economic revitalization measures, Chinese citizens can be confident the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over and their country will emerge stronger.
May 21, 2020
Two Sessions signal China returns to normalcy
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the traditional principles of Chinese thinking, forcing China to rapidly adapt to new realities.
May 8, 2020
China and Europe can still move forward together
The COVID-19 pandemic has put some moves on hold for advancing Sino-European relations, but it also offers some new opportunities for joint action.
April 24, 2020
Multilateralism a beacon for the future
The U.S. has once again abdicated its responsibilities as a world leader by refusing to fund the WHO's fight against COVID-19. Fortunately, there are other countries to take up the slack.
April 7, 2020
G20 virtual summit sets right direction for international cooperation
The Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit produced some immediate actions to enhance global cooperation. If multilateralism cannot be restored during a pandemic, when will it be restored?
March 31, 2020
The European economy and COVID-19
Europe is struggling to achieve a common policy on dealing with the economic aspects of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.
March 18, 2020
China and Italy: Friends forever
Italy was one of the countries that first came forward to support China's fight against COVID-19, and China has repaid that generosity. It's a good example for worldwide cooperation in coping with dangers.
March 7, 2020
New refugee crisis strikes Europe
A new leadership has taken over at the European Commission and is already facing revival of an old challenge – Europe-bound refugees pouring across Turkey.
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