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Pakistan flood relief: A friend in need is a friend indeed
Just a few days ago, the Pakistani Embassy appealed for donations on Weibo as part of disaster relief aid for victims of the Pakistan floods.
Queen Elizabeth II: A Promoter of China-UK Friendship
During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II maintained close ties with China. To us, she has become a symbol of humility, friendship, kindness and stability.
Walking towards fire: Everyday citizens, also heroes
Helping with fire-fighting, patrolling, creating fire breaks, transporting supplies, coordinating, logistical support… People despite their age, gender or origin, devoted themselves to these challenging tasks.
VBA: Epitome of China's beautiful countryside
This summer, a basketball event went viral online in China. Chinese netizens gave this rural basketball event a catchy name: the VBA, or "Village Basketball Association."
China-Nepal Railway: Hope in the Himalayas
Have you ever imagined traversing through the middle of the mighty Himalayas by train? This seemingly "crazy" idea may soon become reality.
Preventing school bullying: Protecting students
According to recently released official data, in 2021, the number of arrests and prosecutions for crimes related to school bullying and violence on campuses in China fell by 86% and 82% respectively.
China, Indonesia to deepen cooperation, spur global development
From July 25-26, Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited China. During his trip, the two sides made a series of pledges.
When an American brings a Yunnan house back home
Among the woods in West Virginia, America, stands a dwelling with vivid Chinese ethnic features: tall wooden columns, doors inlaid with delicate carvings, and bright ornate patterns embellishing the walls.
World's first desert-circling railway brings vitality to Xinjiang
The new line links up with the Golmud-Korla and Southern Xinjiang rail lines, forming the world's first desert rail loop line encircling the Taklamakan, the world's second-largest shifting-sand desert.
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