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Post-00s storm photographer Liu Yijing: An inspiring dream chaser
Recently, a young storm chaser has caught public attention in China. His name is Liu Yijing, a post-00s storm photographer.
HKSAR chief executive election: A new chapter for Hong Kong
The election of the sixth-term chief executive of the HKSAR was successfully held, with John Lee elected as the chief executive designate by an overwhelming majority of votes.
Stranded whale rescue: A miraculous achievement
Growing public attention in China toward the stranding and rescue of whales reflects people's introspection and awareness toward issues concerning marine eco-system.
Shenzhou-13 returning to Earth: Sowing the seeds of space dreams
As with all the exchanges and cooperation in the pipeline, the "space-Earth talk" is not an endpoint.
The finesse of Chinese acrobatics
These acrobatic shows with vivid ethnic features are a perfect interpretation of cultural fusion, as well as the harmony and interconnection among all the Chinese ethnic groups.
Hong Kong: Concerted efforts against COVID-19
Since the Chinese New Year, a 5th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged Hong Kong, and aroused concerns all over China.
Beating sleep disorders: China's solution to a global challenge
As World Sleeping Day approaches, sleeping has again become a trending topic on Chinese social media. Sleep health has become a more and more significant issue.
Beijing 2022 Paralympics Winter Games: Equality and Respect makes Accessibility
As expressed in the white paper, China is keen to facilitate international dialogue with other countries via parasports.
Investing in China means both protection and opportunity
China will make greater contributions to the recovery and stability of the global economy.
Indo-Pacific Strategy: US stirring up trouble again in Asia-Pacific
During a virtual meeting with President Xi Jinping on Nov. 16 last year, Biden said "the revitalization of U.S. alliances is not anti-China." The Biden administration should start walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk.
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