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Jin Liangxiang
标题图片 Dr Jin Liangxiang is a research fellow at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies. His current research fields are Middle East politics and international relations.
2017 September 14
Can Rouhani bring Iran into the international system?
Iran has a hard struggle to achieve reintegration into the international system, but China can play a vital role in this regard.
2017 August 8
China, EU can cooperate in Middle East
There is much common ground for China and the European Union to take a hand in solving many Middle East political issues.
2016 July 6
Why China's role is not very visible in the Middle East
China's consistent policy of maintaining a low profile in the Middle East shouldn't take away from the country's efforts in the region.
2016 June 23
Iran's entry should enhance SCO's role
Iran's entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) signals the country's increasing geopolitical legitimacy, while it also strengthens the SCO.
2016 April 5
China's role in African security issues
While international pundits often anticipate Chinese military action in Africa, the country believes in non-interference in external affairs.
2016 February 21
The nature of the Saudi-Iran conflict
In recent years, both Saudi Arabia and Iran have been at the forefront of the Middle East, maintaining strained relations with one another.
2016 January 4
Is military intervention by external powers a cure?
Military intervention is often successful. However, in dealing with ISIS, other measures must be considered for long term success.
2015 November 27
Whose explanations are more persuasive?
The downing of a Russian fighter by Turkey continues to reverberate around the world, with many questions unanswered.
2015 November 21
Syria: Haven't we paid enough?
Tentative moves towards a settlement of the Syrian crisis cannot mask the fact that much still has to be done.
2015 November 4
The dynamics of China-Europe rapprochement
Dissatisfaction with U.S. behavior on trade makes China and the European Union approach each other.
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