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Shen Dingli
Dr. Shen Dingli is a professor of international relations at Fudan University, Shanghai.  He is the Associate Dean of Fudan University's Institute of International Studies, and Director of Center for American Studies.  He is Vice President of Chinese Association of South Asian Studies, and Vice President of Shanghai Association of International Studies.  He received his Ph.D. in physics from Fudan in 1989 and did arms-control post-doc at Princeton University from 1989-1991.
2017 02 13
Trump right to reaffirm US' commitment to one China
Donald Trump made the wise decision to honor the United States' longstanding one-China policy, affirming it in a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
2017 02 07
Trump's policies divide US, allies
Trump has, time and again, professed he wants to conduct fair deals. China welcomes fair business, but it is also against unfair deals.
2017 01 23
One-China policy is nonnegotiable
Trump's pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated that his position is there is no intent to change the principle of one China.
2016 10 20
Peaceful competition in space benefits world
China is uninterested in militarizing space. It is willing to partner with other parties for the peaceful use of space.
2016 09 23
US misreads terrorism even 15 years after 9/11
Since killing innocent people will create more terrorists, the US has to find the real reasons behind the challenges posed by terrorism to secure a workable solution.
2016 09 08
A finale or a beginning?
As Obama ends his presidency, Sino-US relations have become ever more complicated, with both cooperation and competition intensified.
2016 09 07
Obama has job cut out to leave behind legacy
Obama is going to leave the White House and quite a few legacies in four months. But he will also leave as many controversies behind.
2016 07 14
Unlawful award only raises regional tensions
The South China Sea arbitral tribunal in The Hague has made its award in the Philippines' case. As pointed out by many, the tribunal was willed to extend ill-founded jurisdiction over this case.
2016 05 23
US' rebalancing will lose its market
President Obama's rebalancing strategy has not attained much during his tenure. With his departure, the strategy might be adjusted or dropped.
2016 04 18
Sovereignty in cyberspace essential for national security
Among the global commons, the High Seas, the atmosphere, Antarctica, outer space and cyberspace, only cyberspace, is an artificial "space".
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