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Tylor Claggett
Dr. E. Tylor Claggett is a professor of finance and director of the Financial Planning Track at Salisbury University, US. His recent research fields cover Financial Planning Track, Investments and Financial Management. He is a Fulbright scholar with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2008-2009.
2013 10 18
Should the US increase its minimum wage?
There are both theoretical and practical arguments why it would not be a good idea for the U.S. to increase its minimum wage.
2013 07 27
Mistakes that drove Detroit's decline
Detroit's descent into bankruptcy has been a litany of poor decisions, short-sightedness and ineffective, corrupt leadership.
2012 11 07
Has American democracy lost its way?
Negative attack ads and partisanship threaten to undermine American democratic values.
2012 06 21
The consequences of demographic imbalances
Do Greece's recent election results foreshadow a new series of generational wars in countries facing aging populations?
2012 04 27
RMB appreciation best chance to curb inflation
As China's GDP growth cools, curbing inflation is now the government's top priority.
2012 02 13
Beware Greeks bearing thrift
The Greeks do not have the political will to satisfy the EU, ECB and IMF in order to get the full bailout necessary to avoid a disorderly default.
2011 12 22
Is the EU really unified?
As the entire world has watched and worried, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe has taken many turns – sometimes for the good, but more often, for the bad.
2011 11 24
Is the mountain big enough?
Both China and the U.S. have much to gain by working together.
2011 11 17
Seeking political strength in uncertain times
The prospect of a controlled outcome to the European debt crisis is far from certain. Only time will tell if any officials are politically strong enough to avoid the unthinkable.
2011 09 24
The Buffett Rule: A path to tax reform?
Is the 'Buffett Rule' insightful advice for U.S. tax reform, or a gross oversimplification?
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