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Top 10 filming sites of Chinese movies
It is said that watching films is one of the best means of traveling considering various kinds of landscapes that can be seen in movies.
Top 10 richest supermodels of 2011
Acoording to Forbes Magazine, the followings are the top 10 pretty girls who have become pretty rich girls:
Top 10 richest female celebrities in Britain
According to the Rich Report of The Mail on Sunday, the richest female celebrities in Britan are as follows.
Top 20 gorgeous actresses in Japan
Japanese actresses are known for their loveliness and charm. Nikkei, the largest economic newspaper in the world, picks the top 20 most gorgeous of them.
Top 10 outstanding HK filmmakers
As one of the most important awards for Chinese mainland and Hong Kong movies, the Hong Kong Film Awards will mark its 30th anniversary this weekend. Let's look back on the top 10 greatest figures in the Hong Kong movie industry.
Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu movies
Anyone who has watched more than a few Chinese movies cannot fail to be impressed by what the Chinese call wushu and westerners usually call Kung Fu.
Top 10 courtroom dramas
Here are some of the excellent fictional (and some non-fictional) trials on film.
Top 10 entertainment events of 2010
During the year 2010, some stars were defaced, some defamed; and some made comebacks. See the Top 10 entertainment events of 2010.
Top 10 most anticipated movies of 2011
Just take a look at our list of the 10 most anticipated movies of 2011, listed in the order they are currently scheduled to be released.
Top 10 animated children's movies of all time
If you're looking to expand your collection or just prepare for starting a family, these are the children's movies you should own.
Top 10 best vampire movies
Now that "Twilight: Eclipse" has everyone swooning over vampires, we rundown a top 10 favorite vampire movie list.
Top 10 most influential movies in China in 2009 reviews the 10 movies that made the biggest impacts on the Chinese film industry in the past lunar year which ended in February 2010.
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