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​China's top 10 cities for female talent
China's Liepin Big Data Research Institute recently released a report outlining female talent within China from January to February of this year. Titled the "2024 Female Talent Data Insight Report," this report gave a panoramic sketch in female talent development among Chinese cities.
China's top 10 lifestyle trends for 2023
China's lifestyle-oriented social media platform Xiaohongshu recently released its "2023 Top Lifestyle Trends" report, which analyzes potential changes in the lifestyles of young people in the new year.
​China's top 10 buzzwords of 2022
China's National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, together with the Commercial Press and Guangming Online, released the top 10 popular Chinese expressions of 2022 on Dec. 20.
Top 10 historic sites along Beijing Central Axis
The Beijing Central Axis, a 7.8-kilometer-long north-to-south line stretching through the center of the city's historical neighborhood, boasts important memorial halls, ceremonial buildings and landmark architecture dating back to the 13th century.
10 must-visit World Heritage sites in China
Since joining the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1985, China now has 56 World Heritage sites. Here, lists 10 of the sites most worth visiting in China.
Top 10 most attractive cities in China
The China Urban Vitality Research Report 2021, released by Baidu Huiyan, a geographic intelligent data platform affiliated with Baidu Maps, listed the top 10 most attractive cities in China in 2021.
Top 10 regions seeing most residents stay put during Spring Festival holiday
Beijing will see 70.9% of its residents remain in the city during the Spring Festival holiday this year - the highest among all provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland.
​Top 10 Chinese internet slang expressions of 2020
China's National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center recently published its list of the top Chinese internet slang phrases of the year. 
Top 10 mainland cities based on integration into world city network
Ten cities on the Chinese mainland rank within the first 100 on "The World According to GaWC: City Classification for 2020".
Top 10 Chinese cities with highest quality of living in 2019-2020
On July 6, 2020, the China Economic Life Survey (2019-2020) revealed the top 10 Chinese cities with the highest quality of living. 
Top 10 Chinese buzzwords in 2019
The literary periodical Yaowen-Jiaozi has selected the top 10 buzzwords of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace shaping Chinese people's communications and life.
Top 10 safest cities in China
A sense of security amongst a city's residents is regarded as one of the most important factors in determining a city's modern development.
Top 10 most congested Chinese cities in Q2
According to a study, traffic congestion in 77 percent of Chinese cities has significantly eased in the second quarter compared to last year, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reports.
Top 9 happiest Chinese cities in 2016
The latest survey conducted by China Central Television identifies the nine happiest Chinese cities in 2016.
Top 10 safest Chinese cities in 2016
What is the safest city in China? Find the answer in the latest ranking of the safest Chinese cities in 2016.
Top 10 Chinese provinces with highest living standard
The latest report published by UNDP reveals China's top provinces based on their living standards.
Top 10 cleanest cities in China
A clean and tidy city with high green coverage rate is a beloved place for most people. The following are the top 10 cleanest cities in China.
Top 10 Chinese cities in public services
Shanghai Jiao Tong University has recently released a report, showing people's satisfaction with the public services in local cities.
Top 10 livable Chinese cities
The latest report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that east China's coastal city of Qingdao is the most livable place in the country.
Top 10 best Chinese cities to own a house
Rocketing housing prices have made people more concerned about the housing market. Some people have even said teasingly, "Happiness starts with a house!"
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