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Top 10 most competitive cities in the world
​New York, London and Paris continued to cement their status as the world's top three most competitive and influential cities in 2018.
Top 30 universities by Times Higher Education
Check out the top 30 of the 1,000 universities that appear on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018.
Top 10 best cities for start-ups
First-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai can offer more to those ambitious dream chasers wanting to start their own businesses.
Top 10 Chinese universities with best undergraduate majors
The ranking released by CUAA provides an authoritative reference for students.
Top 10 most employable majors in China in 2016
A recent report published by MyCOS, an educational assessment firm, has shown that software engineering was the best college major for gaining employment last year.
Top 5 busiest jobs in China
More and more people now are becoming workaholics in China, for their wealth or sense of achievement. Let's have a look at the five busiest jobs in the country.
Top 5 sleepless cities in China
A latest survey shows that among 8,000 people in 362 Chinese cities, 80 percent are experiencing or have experienced sleeplessness.
Top 10 best countries
The weekly magazine U.S. News & World Report recently published a ranking of best countries based on their global performance.
Top 5 arms exporting countries
The United States and Russia remained the world's largest exporters of weaponry from 2012 to 2016, jointly accounting for 56 percent of arms sold on the international market.
Top 10 Chinese universities in 2017
Peking University topped the list of Top 700 Chinese Universities in 2017, according to the latest ranking released by
Top 10 universities in China by US News
A total of 110 Chinese colleges are among the top 1,000 best universities in the world disclosed as ranked by U.S. News.
Top 10 universities in the world by US News
A new list of the world's best universities has been disclosed by U.S. News.
Top 10 universities in Asia in 2016
Five Chinese universities make the top 10 list of best universities in Asia, as revealed by this year's QS World University Rankings.
Top 10 universities in the world in 2016
Meet the Earth's elite universities on the list of this year's QS World University Rankings.
Top 10 most innovative universities in Asia
The international news agency Thomson-Reuters has recently published a ranking of the Top 75 Asia's Most Innovative Universities. So, who made the top 10?
Top 10 profitable industries in China
Take a look at the top 10 profitable industries in China.
Top 10 Chinese universities with highest tuition fees
When you are considering which university to attend, tuition fees are a factor that must be considered.
Top 20 Chinese universities in 2016
Tsinghua University topped the ranking with a total score of 222.89, showing its superb overall strength among numerous prestigious universities.
Top 10 universities in architecture
The world's top universities for architecture and built environment have been revealed in the latest QS World University Rankings for various subjects.
Top 10 American companies to work for in 2016
Which American companies offer the best work environment, compensation and benefits to their employees? Fortune magazine tells you the answer.
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