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Biz & Shopping
Top 10 autonomous vehicle tech companies to watch in 2023
The 2023 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference will be held in Beijing from Oct.18-21. This global event places a strong emphasis on the future transportation system, with a particular focus on intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) and self-driving technologies.
China's top 10 cities in 2023
The Shanghai-based Warton Economic Institute recently released a new report ranking China’s top 100 cities in 2023, with Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen making the top three.
China's top 10 night fairs, business districts this summer
Despite the scorching weather across the country, China's tourism market is enjoying a fruitful season during the peak summer holiday travel period.
​Top 10 most attractive Chinese cities for talents
China's leading human resources service provider recently released a ranking of the 100 domestic cities that talents found most attractive in 2022.
​Top 10 most valuable Chinese brands in 2023
Brand Finance, one of the world's leading brand valuation consultancies, recently unveiled the top 10 most valuable Chinese brands for 2023.
Top 10 cities in 2022 Global Cities Index
The 2022 Global Cities Index (GCI) was released by the leading global management consulting firm Kearney, with China's Beijing and Hong Kong making the top 10 list.
Top 10 Chinese private companies by invention patents in 2021
China's top 10 private enterprises ranked by number of invention patents in 2021 were recently revealed, with Huawei topping the list.
Top 10 best-selling Chinese products in overseas markets in 2022, a global leading cross-border business-to-business (B2B) platform owned by China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, unveiled this year's top 10 best-selling Chinese products in overseas markets on Dec. 5.
Top 10 provinces for digital ecology in China
China is among the first echelon of the international digital ecology landscape, according to the 2022 Digital Ecology Index recently released by Peking University and other leading institutions.
Top 10 Chinese mainland cities in financial competitiveness
The top 10 Chinese mainland cities with strong financial competitiveness for 2021 were selected according to a ranking published by the Securities Times and Chinese business magazine New Fortune.
Top 10 Chinese cities in Global Financial Centers Index
London-based think tank Z/Yen Group and the China Development Institute in Shenzhen published the 31st edition of the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI 31) last month.
Top 10 ports by cargo throughput in China
Ningbo Zhoushan Port in east China's Zhejiang province handled more than 1.22 billion metric tons of cargo in 2021, outranking every other port in the country.
​Top 10 international financial centers
New York City, London, and Shanghai occupy the top three positions in the latest ranking of international financial centers released at the 2021 Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum.
​Top 10 Chinese cities by consumption in first half of 2021
The combined retail sales of consumer goods of the top 10 Chinese cities by consumption exceeded 5.22 trillion yuan (about $804.42 billion) in the first half of this year.
Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world by H1 2021 revenue
Recently, many leading pharmaceutical companies released their 2021 half-year financial reports, with the majority seeing a growth in revenue.
Top 10 Chinese provincial-level regions based on per capita disposable income in H1
Major economic indicators continued to recover steadily in China in the first half of 2021, with per capita disposable income up 12.6% compared with the same period last year.
Top 10 districts and county-level cities with the most prosperous night economy in China
A list of the 2021 top 100 districts and county-level cities with the most prosperous night economy in China was issued recently by Xiaokang Magazine.
Top 10 Chinese cities by GDP in first half of 2021
A list of the top 10 cities in China based on GDP in the first half of 2021 has recently been announced.
China's top 10 leading areas for research output in 2020
Nature Index 2021 China, released on May 26, highlights the areas that dominate China's research output in the field of natural sciences. Here are the top ten areas.
Top 10 hot issues concerning consumer protection in China 2020
The China Consumers Association (CCA) and the data center for public opinion of have summarized last year's top 10 incidents concerning consumer protection drawing nationwide attention.
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