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标题图片 Top 10 influential robotics companies in 2017
U.S.-based Robotics Business Review has recently published its sixth RBR50 list, revealing the most noteworthy and influential robotics companies in the world.
标题图片 Top 10 smart city suppliers
The smart city concept is the key to cities' innovative projects. Here are top 10 smart city suppliers.
标题图片 Top 10 firms with most accepted patent applications
In 2016, the State Intellectual Property Office accepted 4,906 patent applications from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., the company with the largest number on the Chinese mainland.
标题图片 Top 10 countries, regions with fastest internet connection
Akamai, a CDN service provider, has recently released its Q1 2016 State of the Internet Report, showing the average internet connection speed of countries and regions around the world.
标题图片 Top 10 worst passwords in 2015
If you are still using 123456, password, your birthday, or a sequence on the keyboard like "qwerty" as your password, it's definitely time for a change.
Top 10 supercomputers in the world 2015 Top 10 supercomputers in the world 2015
China's Tianhe-2, or Milky Way-2, retained its fifth consecutive crown as the world's most powerful supercomputer.
标题图片 Top 10 countries and regions with the fastest Internet
South Korea topped Statista's latest list of countries and regions with the highest average Internet connection speed as of the third quarter of 2014.
标题图片 Top 20 Chinese universities 2015
Peking University has retained the top position for eight consecutive years, displaying its comprehensive teaching and research strength.
标题图片 Top 10 smartphones with best cameras
When a customer chooses which smartphone to buy, the quality of the built-in camera is often an important factor for consideration.
标题图片 Top 10 best-selling mobile phone companies
The crown of the world’s most popular mobile phone company goes to Samsung, as recently indicated by a leading technology research and consulting company.
标题图片 Top 10 fifth generation jet fighters in the world
The newest generation of fighter aircraft boasts outstanding performance, advanced avionics and stealth profiles.
标题图片 Top 10 countries and regions with the fastest Internet
Which part of the world enjoys the fastest internet access? The U.S, the country that invented the Internet, is outclassed by 30 countries and regions.
标题图片 Top 10 profitable mobile carriers in the world
The crown of the world’s most profitable mobile network carriers goes to China Mobile, a leading mobile network provider in China.
标题图片 Top 7 most popular smartphones in China
Are you still using a feature phone? If so, you are slightly out of touch with today’s technology. Check out this list of the top smartphone brands by market share in China!
标题图片 Top 10 expensive camera lenses
There are those photographic equipment aficionados who indulge in getting whatever new gadget hits the market without even blinking at the price tag. Should the market not adhere to their wishes, they simply put in a customized order.
标题图片 Top 10 new media trends in China
The “Annual Report on Development of New Media in China (2013)” was released on June 25 in Beijing.
标题图片 Top 10 supercomputers in the world 2013
Tianhe-2, or Milky Way-2, a supercomputer developed by a Chinese institution, has been ranked the world's fastest.
标题图片 Top 10 places in China for fastest Internet connections
Check out the average Internet connection speeds in the Chinese mainland provinces and municipalities.
标题图片 Top 10 popular provincial gov't websites
With e-government being increasingly accepted, more local governments in China use modern design and technology to enhance their online presence.
Top 10 hot IT skills for 2013 Top 10 hot IT skills for 2013
Check out the top 10 hot IT skills for 2013 released by Computerworld.
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