Hot Spring

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The Hot Spring scenic area was called the Fairyland of Peach Blossoms in ancient times and is now one of the main reception centers at Mount Huangshan with all tour buses to the mountain stopping here.

Hot Spring scenic area at Mount Huangshan 

In the center (650 meters above sea level) of the scenic area, there is the Scenery Watching Bridge. The Peace Blossom Stream and Xiaoyao Stream flow through the area.

Here, tourists can enjoy hot springs as well as waterfalls. Also worth mentioning is the Singing String Spring. A rock of 9 meters (29.5feet) in length produces tweedle-like sounds when struck by the spring water. The name carved on the rock was the handwriting of Li Bai (701-762), one of China's most brilliant poets.

A 25-minute walk from the bridge will take tourists to the Mercy Light Pavilion and a bus ride of 7 kilometers will drop them off at the Cloud Valley Temple.

The Mercy Light Pavilion, successor of the former Mercey Light Temple, was originally built during the reign of Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). During the reign of Empeor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, it was renamed the Fahai Meditation Temple by the monk Pumen. The temple became so famous that it received a horizontal tablet reading "Country-guarding Mercy Light Temple" from Emperor Wanli. Now, the pavilion forms the entrance to the Front Mountain as well as to the Jade Screen cableway.

Hot Spring scenic area at Mount Huangshan 

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