Pine Valley

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The Pine Valley scenic area is located at the North Gate of Mount Huangshan, with Taiping Cableway starting here.

Map of Pine Valley scenic area at Mount Huangshan 

The area features imposing rocks and crystal-clear ponds, including the Emerald Pool, the Five-Dragon Pond and the rock of Guan Gong Resists Cao Cao (both of whom were famous generals during the Three Kingdoms Period 220 to 280).

At 15 meters long, 8 meters wide and 10 meters deep, the Emerald Pool is a famous water landscape at Mount Huangshan. It is surrounded by rocks, with the stream of the Pine Valley scenic area flowing right into it. The reflections of the mountains and trees are fascinating to observe. Never try to swim in the cold and deep pool for the sake of your safety and health. On the huge rock near the pond is carved a 3-meter-tall Chinese character for "Buddha."

Tourists can have a refreshing experience by hiking around this area along its 6,500 stone steps, greeted by densely-grown trees and fresh air all the way.

Pine Valley scenic area at Mount Huangshan 

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