Cloud Valley

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The Cloud Valley scenic area has an elevation of 890 meters and several famous places to see here are the Cloud Valley Villa, age-old trees, oddly shaped rocks, the Nine-Dragon Waterfall and the Baizhang Spring.

The Cloud Valley scenic area at Mount Huangshan

The Cloud Valley Villa is a modern hotel complex characterized by Hui-style architecture. The buildings made up of grey tiles and horse-head walls are exquisitely arranged. The stone-paved scaling path nearby the villa stretches from the North Sea all the way to the Nine-Dragaon Waterfall. The road near the hotel can take tourists to the Hot Spring scenic area.

There are three precious trees growing here: the 500-year-old Eastern China Douglas Fir, the 800-year-old Southern Hemlock and the 1000-year-old ginkgo tree. One common feature of the first two is that they both have two kinds of branches and two kinds of leaves, conifer and broad-leaf to be exact.

The Cloud Valley scenic area at Mount Huangshan

The Nine-Dragon Waterfall plunges down 300 meters (984feet) from the cliff top between Incense Burner Peak and Arhat Peak. The waterfall has nine leaps, with each leap forming a smaller waterfall and a pool, hence its name.

The Baizhang Spring will be an awesome sight during rainy seasons as the water comes rushing down ferociously.


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