Sea of Clouds

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Amazing sea of clouds at Mount Huangshan 

Although seas of clouds are quite common in scenic mountains around the world, the one at Mount Huangshan never fails to fascinate tourists with its fairytale splendor. When visiting at the right time, tourists will find themselves amid layers of clouds, where towering peaks, grostequely-shaped rocks and old pines loom.

The colors of the sea of clouds are forever changing. At sunrise or sunset, it takes on every hue from red to purple. Tourists can marvel at the magic of nature.

According to their locations, the sea of clouds is divided into the East Sea, the South Sea, the West Sea, the North Sea and the Sky Sea.

The South Sea, located south of the Lotus Peak and Heaven Capital Peak, is also called the Front Sea. The Jade Screen Pavilion on the Jade Screen Peak is the optimum place for watching the South Sea.

The North Sea, located north of the Lion Peak and Shixin Peak, is also called the Rear Sea. The top of the Lion Peak and the Refreshing Terrace on the peak offer a terrific view of the North Sea.

The East Sea, located east of the White Goose Ridge, is also called the Rear Sea. The best sites to watch the East Sea are the White Goose Ridge and the East Sea Gate.

The West Sea is located west of the Danxia Peak and Feilai Peak and the best spot to enjoy it is the Paiyun Pavilion.

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