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Lawmaker promotes production of ethanol from straws
10,000 dams proposed to be built to curb Yellow River sedimentation
Political advisor calls for more use of recycled water
Shanxi leads China in saving energy
Joint efforts against water pollution
Levying carbon tax, promoting low-carbon education proposed
Farmer lawmaker pushes for 'green' ideas
Subsidy plan for private electronic cars to be released
No timetable for green taxation: official
Low-carbon lifestyle finds support at 'two sessions'

China to invest US$1.5 bln in Tibet environment
HK, Macao political advisors to focus on economy, environment
China to develop low-carbon economy
Jia asks for practical advice on climate change
Green energy program drafted
More efforts needed to fight drought: Vice Premier
President Hu calls for China to meet emission cut targets
New forests fend off desert encroachment at Great Wall
Wind-solar generators fuel life of herdsmen
Natural gas output rises by 7.7% in 2009

Premier visits drought-hit southwest China
China clawing out a future for wild tigers
China plans to build national renewable energy center
Pollution 'likely to peak at earlier stage of growth'