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2,723 corrupt officials investigated in 2010
Chinese legislator calls for explicit penalties against corrupt officials
Deputy advocates assets declaration law
Press and public needed to keep politicians clean
Corruption, livelihoods top concerns at sessions
Senior leader calls for prevention of corruption at source
Anti-corruption measures taking effect at local level
Vice governor removed from office for corruption
China to step up supervision to key sectors, officials
Real-name whistleblowers must be replied to: Draft law

CPC issues code of ethics to ensure clean governance
Provincial legislator expelled from Party, office for corruption
Chinese netizens focus on corruption
Official sentenced to death with reprieve for graft
Senior leader stresses China's anti-graft
Death sentence for 'White House boss'
Beijing's liaison offices swept up by closures
Top judge urges to fight court-realated corruption
3,391 officials indicted for environment-related duty dereliction
Top soccer officials detained for corruption