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National reserve system called for to protect rare mineral
Call to close tiger farms disputed
Political advisors from Tibet, Xinjiang counterattack U.S. rights report
Lawmaker calls for national rare earth reserve
'Cooling off' days proposed for prospective divorcees
Delegates debate easing of China's one-child law
Deputy promotes pre-marriage health check
HK opposition demands 'may hurt dialogue'
US, China military visits in limbo
Political advisor slashes reports alleging China hiding defense budget

Google urged to respect Chinese laws
Deputy blames easy procedure for high divorce rate
Lawmaker urges naming peony as national flower
Empty talks among officials slashed
More exchanges between gov't, Internet users called for
Longer Spring Festival holiday proposed
Deputy calls for child rape charges for underage prostitute offenders
Political advisor calls for smoke-free 'two sessions'
Beware of English invasion: CPPCC member
Shao Fengjing: fair education is not just about access

NPC deputy proposes extension of May Holiday
Political advisor seeks louder 'China Voice' on line
Political advisor renews calls for rating film animations
Demolition guidelines tightened
Ongoing Iran diplomacy needed
Zhang Yimou: China needs more cinemas
Chinese film to match Avatar in tech within decade
Young migrant workers reshape Chinese society
Promoting Chinese medicine should be a state strategy
Chinese showbiz star demands better IPR protection

China has no plan for military expansion
China not to establish overseas military base
More aid urged for private Chinese teaching
State food safety system planned
NPC deputy on competitive mechanism in Spring Festival gala
China plans to launch 2nd lunar probe in Oct.
China faces food security challenges: legislator
Housing prices top agenda at sessions
China's military not a threat: Major General
China's annual box office likely to hit US$1.5bln

NPC member urges freedom for football
Bilingual teachers needed for Xinjiang Uygurs
Husband should give wife salary for housework
Lawmakers call for more support for ethnic minorities
Equal representation to close rural, urban gap
China to launch unmanned space module next year
Single mothers in China need more support
Liu Xiang to champion coaches at CPPCC meeting
China allocates US$4.2 bln to support farmers
Party cadres urged to better serve the people

Police chief asks to fight woman, child trafficking
Vice premier stresses precautions against forest fires
Senior leader calls for faster growth of film industry
China pledges to ensure fair education
Chinese gov't promises measures to close income gap
China adopts law on national defense mobilization
Gov't issues detention center guideline
Shanghai migrant workers' kids to get free education
HK to implement cooperation outlines of Pearl River Delta
China mulls amendment to state secrets law

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