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China faces 'mounting ecological problems'
Senior official calls for cap on coal consumption
China to further cut nitrogen oxide emissions
Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards
Leaders embrace green car production
Ban bear bile extraction in China as soon as possible
'Drought won't dry up the grain supply'
Soil pollution poisons more than farmland
China 'cautious' about hydropower projects on Nu River
Billionaire lawmaker urges legislation against shark fin trading

Hunan to tackle metal invasion in Xiangjiang River
Carbon intensity goals to be met
New energy targets to produce a greener nation
China announces 16% cut in energy consumption by 2015
China aims for greener economy over next 5 years
Non-fossil fuels to take up 11.4% of China's energy
China to cap energy use at 4 bln tonnes of coal equivalent by 2015
Mongolia to revise mineral law to promote eco-friendly mining
Yunnan planning to stay green while developing
HK expects to achieve emission control target

E. China to spend 4.5 bln yuan tackling lake pollution
Tibet enacts law on wetland conservation
Energy consumption drops year on year
Beijing to get hanging sky trains and maglev trains
VP stresses saving water in water diversion project
Drought eased in northern wheat-growing regions
Carbon intensity targets unveiled
Green standards issued for rare earths
Snowy weather moves from north to south China
Gov't, farmers fight against drought in E. China

Chinese cities are 'worst' for CO2
NGOs call to drop fish magic trick