Foreign scholars' views on Two Sessions
The 2018 NPC & CPPCC sessions are drawing to a close. China.org.cn has invited some foreign scholars to share their views on this year's Two Sessions.
​Xi's second term in office
Xi's legacy should be a peaceful rise, which is considered a real challenge for any rising nation. So far, he and his predecessor did really well to avoid the Thucydides trap.
​Chinese 'two sessions' mirrored in Nepal
Irrespective of the nomenclature set by Western media, China's two sessions and its delivering governance model may be taken as a reference for Nepal. 
To publicize the notion of a community with a shared future for humanity
The community with a shared future for humanity is a concept China put forward for the benefit of world peace and development. 
Communism and democracy
While the West draws sharp differences between the ideology of democracy and Communism, we are less familiar with how they differ in terms of structure and operation.
Major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristic
China is trying to break the myths linked with the traditional rise of a great power that it is often embroiled in controversies and conflicts.
The 2018 NPC session: China's political process in action
The 2018 session of the NPC is significant, both for its timing within the country's leadership and planning cycle, and as the culmination of China's unique legislative process.
​The 2018 two sessions and China's future
Influential political theorist Daniel A. Bell's recent book on China's good governance could be updated to include social, economic and foreign policy in the New Era.
​Clearly viewing China's two sessions
It is time to cut through the fog of noise we face daily and see the facts. China's two sessions will then make more sense and be more interesting. 
President Xi consults with the deputies
President Xi's panel discussions with the deputies at this year's NPC session touched upon an array of topics, including poverty alleviation, rural vitalization strategy and etc.
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