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'Two Sessions' 2019: Seeking solutions across the board

By Tim Collard

China passes broad-ranging policies in "Two Sessions" to boost economy, protect the environment and improve global relations.


The Economy >>

Test run brings SSE sci-tech board closer
The launch of the science and technology innovation board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange is getting closer, with sponsors taking part in a test run of the new board's audit system on Wednesday.

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New soldiers show enhanced qualities, leading officer says
China's new generation of soldiers have developed better comprehensive qualities, are physically stronger, better educated and more enthusiastic in serving the country, said Senior Colonel Wei Changjin, political commissar of the Zaozhuang Regional Military Command, on Wednesday.

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US should not feel uneasy over Chinese 5G technology
Washington should admit that every country has a justified right to develop and most countries can make their own choices independently, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

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Yao seeks to strengthen sports in primary grades
Basketball legend Yao Ming has always voiced his support for physical education during the two sessions.

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Second session of 13th NPC holds closing meeting

Deputies to 13th NPC receive interview

Plenary meeting of deputies from Macao SAR opens to media at ongoing NPC session

China's top political advisory body concludes annual session

Members receive interview ahead of closing meeting of 2nd session of 13th CPPCC National Committee