Guangyuan thrives with 'clear waters, green mountains'
The city of Guangyuan has thrived by following a principle that "clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as gold and silver" and putting it to practice through green and low carbon development in recent years, Mayor Zou Zijing told on March 9.
Environmental protection campaign
China will work to keep its skies blue, its water clean, and its land pollution free. Take a look at how this will be achieved in 2019.
Greater Bay Area looks to prosper via increasing exchange
The Greater Bay Area is embracing cooperative growth in keeping with China's plans in this year's government work report to step up regional coordinated development.
NPC deputy suggests China improve agri-trade promotion
Zhu Jing, an NPC deputy and dean of Economics and Management at Nanjing Agricultural University, has suggested China improve trade promotion to make its agricultural products more competitive in the global market.
Bring China to the world via film, TV: CPPCC members
Actors, directors and screenwriters attending the CPPCC session have suggested that China show itself to the world through high-quality films and TV series.
China's draft foreign investment law set to allay concerns
As one of the major topics of this year's Two Sessions, the draft foreign investment law is the most powerful legal guarantee of a sound foreign investment climate.
NPC deputy urges rotating crops to limit soil pollution
NPC deputy Xie Deti emphasized the role of crop rotation using fallow systems in controlling arable land pollution in China.
China's Foreign Policy 2019
State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the press last Friday to discuss a range of China's foreign policy positions, from the Belt and Road Initiative to relations with the U.S., Russia and Japan.

NPC deputy dedicated to promote traditional Chinese opera
Wang Binmei, an NPC deputy and a Yue Opera actress, shares her views on the promotion and development of traditional Chinese opera.
Better roads lead Guizhou farmers to a better life
Guizhou is constructing improved roads to connect its rural areas with the outside world, bringing increased quality of life to farmers in the region, according to Guizhou deputies on March 9.
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