Online consultation available for political advisors
A new mobile app has been introduced among all members of the country's top political advisory body to enable them to better perform their duties, a spokesperson said on Saturday.
NPC deputy calls for relaxed rideshare driver requirements
​The government needs to relax the requirement for becoming a rideshare driver for the sound development of ride-hailing services, said Cai Jiming, an NPC deputy and a professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, on Mar. 2.
A preview of 2019 Two Sessions
With China's major annual meetings just around the corner, find out what we can expect to see from national lawmakers and political advisors in the 2019 Two Sessions.
'The Wandering Earth' to usher in new era of Chinese sci-fi
The interstellar sci-fi spectacular "The Wandering Earth" held its premiere in Beijing on Monday and received rave reviews from the audience, signaling that the film may become China's first breakout sci-fi blockbuster film.
On festive ice: Winter sports heat up in China
People in China are increasingly drawn to winter sports as the country is set to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics. Tag along to check out the chills and thrills in Beijing's iconic Olympic venues.
China's lunar exploration: Venturing into the unknown
When the Chang'e 4 probe successfully landed on the far side of the moon, Zhang He, executive director of the probe project, burst into tears.
Beijing builds sub-center to cure 'big city disease'
On Jan. 11, Beijing's municipal administrative center officially moved from the city center to the suburban Tongzhou District, which is 30 kilometers east.
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