All hands on deck: winning the battle against poverty
Social security: China's last line of defence against poverty
​In 2019 China reached an important milestone in its battle against absolute poverty.
Narrowing education gap: stemming the flow of rural drop-outs
Education has often been referred to as a great equalizer in poverty reduction: a way to level the playing field and open doors to employment, skills and opportunities that ensure families do more than just survive.
Maonan ethnic minority group in China successfully shakes off poverty
Some Maonan people wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping, sharing the joy of poverty elimination and expressing their determination to continue to build their hometown. Xi replies to the letter, encouraging them to take this as a new starting point for a better life.
Swapping grain for green: Farmers plant their way out of poverty
Livestreaming out of poverty: How the internet is helping China's poorest
This year’s Two Sessions bring China’s poverty alleviation efforts into focus once again. Last year 11.09 million rural people were lifted out of poverty in China and the country is on course to completely eradicate poverty by the end of this year despite the unexpected challenge of coronavirus.
Descending the ladder one last time: relocating China's 'cliff-top' villages
Key to achieving this goal have been Targeted Poverty Alleviation Methods, a set of five key approaches local governments use to ensure community's affected by poverty receive specialist, tailor-made means to remove them from poverty once and for all.
SCIO briefing on the timely achievement of poverty alleviation goals
The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Monday afternoon to brief the media on steps being taken to secure the timely achievement of China's poverty alleviation goals.
City in Inner Mongolia explores new ways to fight poverty
​Ulanqab of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was once an impoverished area due to its cold climate, strong wind, and barren land. Now, these natural disadvantages have been turned into advantages, attracting several well-known enterprises to gather there. All of the previously poverty-stricken county-level regions have lifted off from the list of impoverished counties.
Victory in the anti-poverty battle gives hope for other impoverished places
White puffy clouds drift past a bungalow facing a deep valley and a towering peak beyond it. Chirps of birds animate the idyllic scene without shattering its serenity.
A German devotes himself to poverty alleviation in China
At the age of 18, Michael Hermann from Dortmund, then part of the Federal Republic of Germany, decided to become an international volunteer. Since 2005, he has worked in China on poverty alleviation and disease control in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, as well as Chongqing Municipality in southwest China.
An impoverished autonomous prefecture in northwest China fights to eradicate poverty
In Guanghe, a county in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province in northwest China, piles of silage—what local people call the bread for cattle and sheep—are scattered in the fields. The silage is made by smashing and mixing corn and cornstalks that have been preserved through acidification and fermentation.
Moving to a better life
Night has already fallen in the town of Beishan, but the lights are still on in a nearby sewing workshop. More than 30 employees are busy working on their sewing machines. They are making protective clothing for medical personnel on the front lines of the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Located in northwest China's Qinghai Province, this workshop is no ordinary factory: it is part of an initiative to provide jobs for impoverished people who were relocated from some of the most disadvantaged areas of their province.
How Dongchuan in Yunnan shook off poverty
Dongchuan District in the northernmost part of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is famous for its magnificent red soil. It is yet a deeply impoverished region due to the fragility of its ecosystems and exhaustion of resources. Nevertheless the district successfully got rid of poverty in 2019, a remarkable achievement for the local people. Incidence of poverty there dropped from 52.88 percent in 2013 to zero in 2019.
Staying on track
Island province empowers residents to rise out of poverty despite epidemic.
Benefits and security made possible
Although the existing social security system still can't support China to be a total welfare society as recognized by the world, it is an indisputable fact that in the country, social security has become the most common form of social welfare and impactful national welfare.
Poor no more
From relief measures for the poorest to development-oriented poverty reduction, and further to targeted poverty reduction, China has embarked on a path specifically dedicated to poverty alleviation and development.
Green gains
Environment protection proves an effective way to shake off poverty in Tibet.
Dashing toward the finish line
Final push begins to eliminate poverty while minimizing the impact of epidemic.
SCIO briefing on securing a decisive victory in poverty alleviation
The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Thursday morning to introduce new measures that will secure a decisive victory in the battle against poverty.
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