Progressing on Two Fronts
Shaanxi Province continues poverty alleviation efforts amid epidemic.
Heritage boosts income
Development of intangible cultural heritage contributes to poverty alleviation.
How one man brought hope to a remote village
A zip line, two snow-capped mountains, and three rivers running in parallel make up the scenery along the Nujiang River in southwest China.
Giving a helping hand
Foreign companies get involved in the fight against poverty.
International cooperation in poverty alleviation for shared future
Poverty eradication is an important goal of building a community of shared future for mankind. Poverty is a historic and worldwide problem, involving the basic rights of human beings, such as the right to subsistence and development.
Harvesting happiness
An academician helps a remote county rise out of poverty with technology.
A crucial year
China is counting down to the epoch deadline for the campaign to eliminate absolute poverty by 2020. In a recent meeting held in Beijing, the significance of this campaign was further emphasized and more work was outlined for this critical year.
Seeds of change
Farmers in east China show the way to self-reliance by growing locally and selling globally.
China's poverty reduction in the past 70 years: a major success worldwide
A dual-track approach
A combination of modern agriculture and tourism creates wonders in disadvantaged areas.
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